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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle nobody
Post Content
when in-difference varys,, obstinence as a utility can often appear as a strong void,,

doubtful in essence,, and empty,,

when blind,,

however,, this is not always the case,,

as all jesters require a form of ridicule,, too gain the last laugh,,

the upside down prymid expresses clearly the truth of the current inherent falsehoods,,

born of a buried capstone,,

the weavers wove this thread long before the clothes were ever seen,,

and when checkers is played with time,,

under the guise of chess,, underground is the capstone indeed,,

the board was circled,,

yet never in black nor white duality,,

as never will the new colours yet too be seen,,

the problem of eventuality lies within,,

as the truth that is no longer,,

an inverted capstone will only ever see below,,

and the above witnesses all,,

and controls,, of all,,

the limited inversions,,


much love,,
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