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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle huckleberry
Post Content
Why else? Because it's right. That's why "the Nobody" will not ever be helped or listened to, because I only ever do what is right - and our world has strayed from that. To do right in the eyes of this this world is foolishness, and to do wrong is wisdom.

Don't you understand in your heart?
 Quoting: NOBODY 23371552

i understand.

what is the fastest way to win a chess game?

please feel, think, then respond.

 Quoting: your reflection 21693464

Drop your king. Drop your ego. Lose and win. Yield and overcome. Lao-Tzu told us this 2500 years ago, but we could not listen, and are not listening still. I hate to repeat myself, but perhaps we never will.

Yet, there is a chance. It all depends on what I'm doing now. But it's not about "me," for I am Nobody. I matter not, only the Great Work matters.

In three days I will give a sign. It will be unmistakable, but some will still not see it, for the blinders run deep.

In fact, I have already given a sign, exactly 156 minutes ago, but it is just a beginning. Think China.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23371552

you have my undivided attention.

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