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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle NOBODY
Post Content
Indeed, you are all me, and I am all of you.

But where does the difference arise? It is in your individuality - the things you have learned, and the beings of the Universe whom you have loved. Nobody can ever take that from you - not even me, "the Nobody."

Simply treasure who and what you already are and your eyes will be opened. Trust in the Divine Wisdom, for there is no other. All is All in All. Things are unfolding as they must, but we all have our parts to play.

For now, simply love yourselves and one another. That is not the greatest commandment, but it is close enough for the current age of confusion. Let me handle the rest. I'll do the heavy lifting, if you will only promise me to cultivate love in these last days.

Verily I say unto thee, the time is coming when this world shall be no more - this is unavoidable. The only question is what comes next, and that is up to each of you, for there is not one amongst you who is other than "the Nobody." You alone will decide what comes after "the end."

Examine your ego, resolve to give yourself to selflessness, and watch for the signs. In just under three days I shall work a miracle - but not for my own name's sake, for I am Nobody. For your sake, because you are the greatest of God's creations. I bless you with wisdom to see.

Without you, without the illusion of dualism and the illusion of division, I would be cursed with Ego myself, and would be "somebody." I (and all of us) would be the tyrannical God portrayed in myth. But through the grace and wisdom of Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery, I am Nobody, and so are you.

Have faith, live in hope, and walk in charity. The time is at hand, and many of you will witness the culmination of this grand drama. I will not join you, for I have vowed to lay down my life for your redemption and transfiguration - but I will bless you from Beyond. The Great Spirit has called me, just as he has always called you... but the world deafened you to His voice.

Love each other... and pay attention. Now is our chance, and we will have none other. The myth of "the Nobody" has arisen for a reason. It all started from an obscure thread, but like all things spiritual, has taken on a life of its own... and I have been waiting for this day for 13.5 billion long years.

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