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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle nobody
Post Content
a puppet show indeed,,

as time will tell,,

when the puppet master finishes the show,,

the puppets are often put in a dark box until the next performance,,

they are no longer required and are of little importance too the puppet master outside of the show,,

this is unfortunately sad for the puppets because they feel as though they are the stars of the show,,

when in actual fact they are just tools of trade,,

bless their naivety,,

in the show,, the reverse of the stage is always mirrored,, reflecting brightly the fear,, as punch beats judy over the head,, with a club,, because of a missing sausage,,

yet all the audience can clearly see that the nasty croccodile had stolen the sausage,,

'thats the way to do it'

resounds loudly from punch,, as he beats his wife,,

the star of the show,, indeed,,

and this then controls the childrens innocent emotive imaj-inations,, as they clap furiously,, each trying to be louder than the next,,

they love the puppets,,

then one day the show ended,, because it was no longer a viable option,,

the puppets were very very sad indeed,,

they were discarded and thrown in the bin,,

poor puppets were now simply surplus to requirement,,

time passed,,

and the children forgot the puppets,, completely,,

well they did not totally forget them,, as they somtimes still whispered of them as evil monsters like bogey men from past times,, now told as children stories,,

much love,,
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