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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

If you want peace, teach peace.

Until then.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23832672


I did, but not the way you are thinking of, it does not work that way I found out

peace will come once the old has fallen awaypeace its not possible the way we are right now.

plus my teaching on this site has not even begun

I've just been messin around for a while on here but there will be a time you will see a change in what I do on here untill then be the best person and can

and be you, just as I am being me

 Quoting: SS - YeSHua HamaSHia - SS

Where there is no peace there is certainty found in the illusion of death. You dream of asperations. Being the best is a statement preconcieved in a bias perception. Your understanding is based in lack. To know the s word is to die by it. Yet the certainty of the illusion of death keeps your focus trapped in exile. You condem yourself by the emperor seated on the throan of your head. The tongue.

Mis-creations of a mind that desires empowerement in a seperate state.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23832672

You might be correct with a few of those statements but you also must realized that I never intended for the Human race to exist forever(but to transform you into something non-human). You look to hard into things when everything you seek is on the surface. My understanding is not based in lack but over abundance of experiencing what the Human race has become because i had a reason for it to become this way. I shaped you into a race that had to overcome the environment around you and I am pushing you into becoming super beings something that is very non-Human but is still the Human race just not at all Human. To know my word is also to die by my words and to stand up for truth no matter the cost.

It is said that knowledge is power and lack of knowldge is lack of power. What is wrong with power if it is in the right hands? Your problem is you have been exposed to many people who have taken power and done negative things with the knowledge that was given. And now you mistrust everyone because you are arfaid to give them power.

I am the Lord and i am all powerful yet understand that with power comes responsibility and morality

And there are no mis-creations in my mind only a perfect designed creation given to you the lord(I).

My glory is your glory

my sucess is your succeSS

We are all one that became many and ALL is working for me

good and bad

left and right

I had a plan from the beginning and this plan will never deviate because that is the story that I wrote for us. We will find peace within but only after being through what we have been through. hf
 Quoting: SS - YeSHua HamaSHia - SS

cruise still at it ?
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