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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The current idea is something similar to this.

You have two people, a lawyer and a mechanic. You have two cars, an old one that may break down, and a newer one that is less likely to do so.

The current paradigm has the mechanic in the older car. Because the lawyer gets paid more and bought the newer one. Also he can afford higher insurance while the mechanic can fix the older one himself.

A real paradigm based on sustainability would lower insurance rates based on how much you know about your car. And would reward the mechanic with the newer car. The lawyer would be better suited to handle any lawsuits arising from his older more defective car, should he allow it to fall into disrepair by not soliciting the mechanic.

Meanwhile the mechanic learns all the new technology like the back of his hand, and your average mechanic could moonlight in an auto dealership if needed. If the lawyer wants a newer car so bad, he can own two. Which helps all around when he needs the older car fixed as he doesn't really depend on it, so the mechanic cannot gouge him for his inexperience with cars. The lawyer can also afford the higher insurance rates.

Interdependency is good, to a point. When the behemoth grows too large, you have to focus on the individual again.
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