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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Interdependency is good, to a point. When the behemoth grows too large, you have to focus on the individual again.
 Quoting: Obsequious Pachyderm

The idea was the self-sustaining hive-mind. And it appeared spontaneously only two years ago. Being so young, is has already committed a fatal error, it assumes it must work to last forever.

If the hive construct as a reality actually perpetually exists, then the default position should be away from the construct. This is similar to saying that if the guardrail alongside the highway exists, the car should be steered away from the guardrail.

A necessary component of illusion is belief in that illusion, and the hive construct does not believe itself a success. And without faith, it can't be saved. Otherwise, eventually, it must fail, as it will seek nothing else.
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