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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yeah I really do know the nobody. I am not the nobody. Nor is the nobody a nobody at all. It's maddening. He should have gone in sane or be deemed a God upon this planet by now, but that none of this has happened is sure sign he is who i say eye am.

I am not the nobody, nor do i care because you'd fail to understand any part of me or his story. You want to write him into a line, a underscore, a chapter in to that you think is your life's story. You fool yourself, and it makes me sad.

I am not the nobody.

If you want to know who the nobody is, it is you, all you faceless ones that know too much and do too little. You've been made drunk because you think your cup overflows. You're grown uncaring to the plite of humanity and misjudged their failings as just deserts, when you fail to see the meal before you is not fit to feed the pigs you unconsciouless desire to be wallowing in the mud and not becoming clean.

I am not the nobody!

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