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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Gatekeepers' be you to your own cage for your soul. The bars made of stolen moments deluted percepts rather then the quality of universal will. Locked away in the room of the worry about your own. Did you ever think about reality outside yourself? Can you realize yourself free of yourself?

Time marches on to the end of the clift for a short end. The edge is upon your stepping stones. This will cut the toes off mankinds' clay footing. That will be the birth of the new man.

Stranger the times makes friends unknowns and strange returns the brotherhood. The merk of mud made of men confused in their own deluted reality claims to be someone even unto the nobody. Chuckles all around fall upon the ground of deff ears and broken dreams.

The dream of death cloaks the reality of the cosmic consciouness from the minds of those willing to sleep in rather then wake up. Truly sad those in their own dreams with the script of them having woken up. Just like that dream of being a wake that makes you late for your work.
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