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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle 1908247
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Your post, back at page 5!

I am sure he has been isolated and found out, but some want it known with 100% accuracy, and they have yet to receive that perfection of accuracy.

Haha! And when they try and do their 'majic', it does not work like it should on him. I bet that confuses the hell out of them. I know it did Apollo.
 Quoting: Swinging on Spirals

He's spun the tables, and they are too vain to realize it. I can tell you this openly, and they fail to see it. The truth hides itself behind the biased vail of false percptions of they that wish to blind themselves to the truth of things because it doesn't fit into what they will to have been. Those things will never be. Though they refused to learn that simple lesson.

Here's a funny story. Once upon a time they sent a Jewish which after him. She could project hard a template of reality into the mind of her victims such that she could crawl inside their mind and get her to do what she was instructed. Such as killing one's self.

It was a cool ass thing. He has an ability to make his own that which they try to do to him. The warning was that which is done to me will only be turned around for my benifit.

Such that he took that Jwhich's template of reality projection and tweeked it to serve him. He now has projected around him fake realities of himself that fools who try to enter into his mind unaware find themselve trapped in a more perfected mouse trap.
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