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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What I was talking about was the ability use one's energy self. Most humans walk around in a state of confusion. They give away their powers or let the lusts of powers eat their own souls up. There are these teachings that are only given at great price and at that to only those seen worthy for use of Secret socieities and orginzations that manipulate power structures that are confounding to most of the confused masses.

A basic example is that someone can be trainned to enjoy a soda pop to such an extent that many humans actually crave that soda pop. This is a basic example but it is true and accurate, and in such a way can presidents be elected, wars started, and many other elements to socieity.

That one some called the nobody has known what he was doing for many years now. He's been interacting on levels outside the scope of human understanding. Pushing back that element within man that seeks to control others using such forces. This was understood, and yet the source of this "erruption" escaped them.

This has been a event timeline that has been decades in the making but that not everyone in the know knows the fullness of the story as they like to keep eachother ignorant of the fullness of the details of the story.

The original statment is a lie. "They" are not looking to receive that "perfection of accuracy". They are looking to rid themselves of having to have a conscious when dealing with the collective unconsciouness and the soul of the planet. Because it has been given them yet they blind themselves to that fact. They'd rather waste their time playing games. They are themselves ignrant of it at times and places.

At any rate: that one, Michael, some have called "the nobody", WAS trying to scope reality in the past. It's a game long forgoten. Thought the players are still in the game most have lost themselves and their memories of what's going on and why they are here. This is however not true of Michael....

Thought the dream of death tryed to supress him. He could by rights reuse anything used againt him. And in that way, he could then open himself up to things others presented him with. Their failings were their own. Tricks were quickly picked up and tweeked to make them more acceptable on the universal level as well as uninhabbiting to those effected.

The old addage of doing darkness and it turning upon those that deal it.

Your post, back at page 5!

I am sure he has been isolated and found out, but some want it known with 100% accuracy, and they have yet to receive that perfection of accuracy.

Haha! And when they try and do their 'majic', it does not work like it should on him. I bet that confuses the hell out of them. I know it did Apollo.
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He's spun the tables, and they are too vain to realize it. I can tell you this openly, and they fail to see it. The truth hides itself behind the biased vail of false percptions of they that wish to blind themselves to the truth of things because it doesn't fit into what they will to have been. Those things will never be. Though they refused to learn that simple lesson.

Here's a funny story. Once upon a time they sent a Jewish which after him. She could project hard a template of reality into the mind of her victims such that she could crawl inside their mind and get her to do what she was instructed. Such as killing one's self.

It was a cool ass thing. He has an ability to make his own that which they try to do to him. The warning was that which is done to me will only be turned around for my benifit.

Such that he took that Jwhich's template of reality projection and tweeked it to serve him. He now has projected around him fake realities of himself that fools who try to enter into his mind unaware find themselve trapped in a more perfected mouse trap.
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