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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
His job?

It would be great news for TBTB if he has job of showing them what an failure they are.That would imply he has some job script he is following, some ideology, something .. anything :).
They would handle that without any problem like they did with many other people before... What they fear is fact that he is doing all of that spontaneously, easy, completely voluntary without any ideology behind.. Like it is easiest thing in the world..

Utter nightmare I guess for many...

Somehow there is justice in that fact..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23058480

Right or Wrong? You've offered a contraditiction statement to someone you feel miss spoke. Those are two perspectives. However the truth stands between the place where both are right when wrongs have been stripped away from the understandings consciouness by holding two points of view within your own consciouness and seeing how they align and where you're forcing it to try to make it fit.

This Planet, and its power structure, went wrong long ago. Over many longass periods of time the memories and understandings of these things faded. Also did the recalling of many required remeberences fade because of the dream of death and the shadows of self. It is because they did not want to believe, know, that which was true because they did not want to have to look at "reality" within the understanding scoped by universe over their own projections of what they wanted it to be.
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