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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle Saptaparna
Post Content

Rings a bell... again. :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23058480

He remains a nobody because he has no problems being seen as very average person .The things is that they want him in power. But he eludes them. He wants it that way so it is very easy for him to be lost in large crowds.

Sometimes you just have to do things the wrong way to get things right.His job is to project thoughts into the elites minds from behind the scenes.Nobody knows him. He is Always silently involved in international affairs.He seperates their forces when they are united and they hate that.He knows the Invisible ones behind the scenes and what they are doing. That is why they fear him.He is a watcher of timelines.

The best thing is that he is not known yet to or by the people. And that is the way he likes it.

Indeed they want to get to him , they want him gone, but they cant do it, he has a invisible hand over him that protects him form their majic.

The nobody does not fear them at all!!!
 Quoting: antwan

This is what I have concluded. He can only be a watcher of timelines by existing outside time...which means when he is in altered states...in other words, playing in the non-material. Otherwise, he would need the tech to do so.

Knowing the invisible ones and what they are doing...now that is interesting. It would have to be some kind of 'infiltration', though I imagine he would not think of it that way. It reminds me of my claims that full transparency would be the cornerstone of humans living in universal reality, instead of the shitty experience we are blinded in now.

It would not be him doing it the wrong way, he would be doing it the right way, just not a way that the human experience (even as far flung as the invisibles as you call them) would find natural. Now THAT would fuck them up...and, has fucked them up if I am correct in my connections of 'things'.

As others have said, the 100% foolproof majic that they try and use on him, doesn't work. Impossible, they say.

Obviously possible. He's just changing the rules a bit. Well, not really him, but you know.
 Quoting: Saptaparna

As you said : full transparency would be the cornerstone of humans living in universal reality.

The rules changed yes. He is not he in human sense as most think . You know only a nobody not from this time or realm can change things. As he once said : see beyond what is real and not that is what the humans must do . The thing is that he the nobody knows all about them and what they are ... the so called rulers of this planet.

The things is that he is giving them rope ,he created a climbing rope and gives them more and more to climb on . They want to reach the end but they can not.At the end when everyone of them are on this rope he will cut it. As one said : the fallen can not fall , yes they can ...if they can climb they can fall. Up the pyramid they want to go, but down they will.

Test me he said ! I will not say more :)

If you had the chance to ask the nobody something what would that be ?
 Quoting: antwan

I have no questions anymore.

Is it more rope to hang on, or fall from? Not really. It is their own rope that they climb, and that rope is illusory, though they thought they knew it to be a reality. As I said, he changed the rules...the rules being merely perception, though a very substantial and long living perception.

Perhaps he does not know them and what they are as a true knowing, but rather as an understanding of what faults these types of beings (leaders and invisibles) are inherent to/of. And, he exploits the strengths like a teasing, making sure that he is not of fault, but they are guilty of the fault. He just provides the impetus to catalyze their moment of realization, like a mirror, that as they do unto those under them by creating a false reality to 'fall' from, so he does to them.

It is so simple, when looked from specific angles.
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