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Message Subject Eye Know the Nobody.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ok, so the nobody has always known he is the One? Or at least for decades he has known that? I don't by it. ESPECIALLY if he spent decades trying to reveal himself. Usually, I do not mind your posts 6968, but this just does not make sense. If this is true, then call him up and tell him to come on GLP and reveal himself and what he has done for the last decades trying to get people to believe in Neo.
 Quoting: Saptaparna

you cant put the hope back in the box Pandora

as the meces line back up for another trip down the hole
 Quoting: boink 24876677

The trouble is everyone has their own "side" and some of those "sides" align, and they think they are on the same "team" as others. None truly care about what this man has to say, they only want a magic wand for their biased perspective of what they will to see as the "right side".

Trouble is: that one "they" think of as "the nobody" is seen as such because he doesn't take their side of things. He knows you are all full of shit at several degrees. You are the ones that refuse to see this about yourself.

It's a low point of human nature to try to manipulate others and eventualities to work out for the best intrest of your own flawed human will.

Until mankind finds itself in a place where it needs to reevaluate thier "sides" and realize they have a long way to go before knowing anything about "good" or evil then the ONE will stand alone in the rightousness of the truth in GOD.
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