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THE Story of NOAH and the FLOOD. ENLIL, ENKI, Poleshift

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09/06/2012 05:57 PM
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THE Story of NOAH and the FLOOD. ENLIL, ENKI, Poleshift
Enlil became more and more disturbed by the loose copulation of the ANUNNAGI with the Lulus (Humans). He
thought that our genetic lineage were being corrupted by such uncontrolled crossbreeding, and he was angry at the
proliferation of Lulus. Enlil began to think of ways to cut down on the Lulu population.

203 Famine spread across the land, and some food was smuggled to the Lulus and most survived. Enlil commanded
the communications from the space station orbiting earth, and he was the first to learn of the coming polar shift.
High above the planet, the orbiting astronauts began to observe magnetic fluctuations and the inevitable wobblings.
204 The axis of the planet was about to reverse itself. Enlil kept these observations secret. He determined to
wait until the last possible moment so there would be only enough time to transfer the families of ANU and the
ANUNNAGI to the orbiting station. He made certain there could not be sufficient time to rescue the Lulus.

205 The spies of Enqi had informed him of the polar shift, every 50,000 years, called an epoch. In all the ancient cultures of earth there are stories of a flood and one man who was saved in an ark. Enqi chose that man. That was not the first of the floods of Tiamat, that was only one of many.

206 Knowing there would be a great flood, Enqi resolved to save at least one family of Lulus. He picked a man from
his own gene pool; and there was no ark
. It was a, craft, or what you might call a submarine, and the animals
"two-by-two" were actual samples
of the genetic material make up, appropriately stored, so they might later be recreated. Defying Enlil, Enqi rescued the Lulus.

207 When Enlil found out about the surviving Lulus, Enlil was angry. He and his sons accused Enqi and his sons. Enlil
said that Enqi defied the laws of ANU.

208 Enqi made a great speech, where he said: "In the greatness of his visionary wisdom, Enlit had been fated to engineer a method of sorting through the rubbish of
the species to arrive at the prime genetic material of all the Lulus. And if these lone survivors were deemed to live through the horrors of the deluge, their genes must be
worthy of serving ANU and the NIBIRUANS.


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