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The Santa Claus Myth Debunked: O'l St. Nick Exposed

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United States
09/06/2012 10:57 PM
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The Santa Claus Myth Debunked: O'l St. Nick Exposed
[youtube] [link to www.youtube.com]

The jolly bastard is not what you were told as a kid.bsflag
We have to expose christmas as the epicenter of american consumer culture, actually it just fuels consumer culture, so does easter, halloween, etc. Thanksgiving is sort of a reject because it focuses on food and family connectivity and not useless items, fashion trends, etc. So, this year lets try to expose the fraud of the holiday season and show others what it is truly all about and how it became what it is today. Instead of going out and buying, stressing over work, money; lets stay home and love, give to others, be kind to our family and neighbors for a change....agreed?
There is righteousness for he who knows thyself, for the heavenly waters of the vast canvas above paints only the tapestry of eternity, the eternal harmonic radiance of pure love from which resonates beyond the facets of the physical experience, take all that comes forth into being, for your plasmic genetic makeup is only a consciously generated projection from the being within, that which is everything....