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Is Ron Paul contemplating a 3rd Party Run?

The 6th Sun
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United States
09/07/2012 10:32 AM
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Is Ron Paul contemplating a 3rd Party Run?
Republican Tyranny in Tampa: What Happened and Why?

I just read on one of the social network sites I belong to that Ron Paul is planning a 3rd party run for President. People have their panties in a bunch saying he will be the reason Obama gets re-elected. I have a few thoughts to share and several questions to ask on this matter. The questions I have need some answers from people who will take an objective look at what I write and respond with thought rather than emotion. Put your partisan hat aside and read on.

For any who are not aware of the situation I will give a short “cliff notes” version of what happened at the RNC convention in Tampa. The establishment was so afraid of Ron Paul that they threw the rules out the window for the benefit of Mitt Romney. The Republican Party establishment, along with the Romney campaign advisors, managed to change the rules to allow Romney to “select” the delegates he desired and to disqualify those elected at the state level if he didn’t like who they were committed to vote for at the convention. Essentially the “presumptive nominee” now chooses who the delegates are despite what the state conventions might have done to elect their own choices. So, if I run for president and am the “presumptive nominee” I get to disqualify anyone I think might vote for a candidate who garnered enough votes in a state to have a few delegate votes at the convention? How nice for me!!! No more floor fights, EVER!! This is the short version, not the epic story.

I thought the idea of the convention was to get together, and to work within the rules of the party to nominate a candidate for the presidential election; that it is the method to settle disputes and come out the other side in agreement. Apparently I am under a misconception. The result of this convention is an extremely fractured party with the Ron Paul delegation already being blamed for what could very well be the re-election of Barack Obama in November. I have some questions that I hope readers will ponder objectively before they answer.

First of all, when Romney had a majority of the delegates sent by the states, why inflame passions by starting a big fight over changing the rules to silence what was obviously a minority of delegates? Were they really trying to avoid a fight on the floor for the nomination or were they deliberately alienating people? What about those whose delegates were aligned with Santorum or Gingrich? Hasn’t the Romney camp and their establishment elitist allies just disenfranchised them as well? Isn’t a party convention the place where these nominee fights are supposed to take place, in a fair, honest, and democratic way? When the whole purpose of the convention was “unity”, with a strong and cohesive voice, why did they go to all of this trouble to keep passions enflamed and drive the fight to the general election in November? I saw this same thing happen at the state convention in Oklahoma. I was a Santorum supporter which left me without a dog in the fight. The established rules of the party and parliamentary procedure were violated repeatedly in what I saw as a deliberate tactic by the party establishment to divide the party. I was appalled at the way party officials behaved in Norman, Oklahoma. And then I see what happened in Tampa!!! Why was a war that didn’t need to be fought started?

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Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/07/2012 12:30 PM
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Re: Is Ron Paul contemplating a 3rd Party Run?
better get his a33 in gear then- less than 60 days to campaign

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United States
09/07/2012 01:03 PM
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Re: Is Ron Paul contemplating a 3rd Party Run?
If he runs, he will win.

His main problem is that for some reason he has loyalty to the Republican party that has shit all over him and used him for his entire career.

It should be time for payback. Besides, it is the right thing to do. He knows that Romney is getting ready to destroy the world. If I were him, I would have a moral obligation to stop that rampaging lunatic.
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