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Message Subject Officer crushes dog's skull with his boot.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why are our police becoming more and more brutal everyday?
This poor animal. I HATE people who are mean to animals.

I hope this dog is in a wonderful place with all the treats and squeak toys its little heart desires.
I hope this dog has no recollection of the horrible event that ended its precious life.
I hope the dog is running through fields of the most wonderful flowers to sniff.
I hope this dog has unlimited tennis balls or frisbees to chase...whichever the little guy likes more.
I hope this dog has the best dreams when it sleeps and never has to feel any heartache or pain again.
I hope this dogs heaven is the most wonderful heaven in the universe where the dog will have a forever home that it can fill with love and have a universe of love in return.
RIP little guy! While this world may not have treated you well I am sure you brought happiness to many while you were here!

I hope this cop is punished...and I do mean punished!
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