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Message Subject Officer crushes dog's skull with his boot.
Poster Handle January Wolves
Post Content
So many things wrong with this:

1.) Did they ever try to contact dog owners who could have transported dog to vet? Article doesn't say whether they were home or not. All large cities & most small towns have a vet on call 24/7. In my town the vets alternate. In my town cops have been know to transport dogs/cats to the emergency vet off hrs.

2.) It's a large enough city it also probably had animal control officer on call at night. ACO would have transported it to vet in absence of an owner.

3.) If owner or ACO not available then dog could have been shot which is legally recognized as humane euthanasia for pets. He said he was concerned for safety but he could have dragged it to grass off pavement & and shot down on head.

I used to be an ACO & had to drag many adult, injured deer (and other wild animals) many with the bones sticking out of their legs off the road to a dirt/grass area to shoot. If the animal didn't appear mortally wounded & no broken legs, just dazed, I would wait awhile to see if it stood which many did after awhile (fawns I always took to on call vet).

4.) But this is someone's pet - their private property! No way is beating a pet considered humane euthanasia even by a cop or ACO!

5.) Big question here is did he even try to contact the owner whom he was told lived next door!

6.) He broke the law & I hope to hell he pays for it! If he treats an animal like this it's not hard to imagine how he treats humans!
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