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Message Subject Officer crushes dog's skull with his boot.
Poster Handle WretchedHollywood
Post Content
I don't even know if there is a video, but if there is, fuck yoooou. for even putting this image into peoples minds. People that want to see this kind of sick shit can find it anywhere on the internet. It is postings like this that make me believe that we are being fucked with on a psychological perspective daily through the "newssites" that we brouse.

fuck you
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23305607

and whoever pinned this sick shit, fuck you, too. Ban me, Fuck you
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23305607

and, if you speak out about it, you will get red karma and called a dog molester, like I did.

This place is FULL of CRUEL minded people, and I sure as hell aint paying 10 bucks a month anymore.

That money will go to an animal charity instead.

Red karma coming to me in 3,2,..
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