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Message Subject Spiritual "Prepper" Instructions
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
brother,i really like your post but do you really know him???are you sure???where did your faith come from,the church??? The world???what has influenced you to come to your conclusion?? The reason i ask is if you really knew him,then you would know how merciful he is,even more merciful than an earthly father who loves his child.there are only two destinations for the soul after ressurection.one is eternal life,the other is eternal death.those who will never come to him,whos hearts are pure evil will end up in the lake of fire....they will be consumed in an instant.consumed...not eternaly tortured or burned or punished.the wicked shall be simply blotted out,uncreated,wiped away.do you not see that eternal torture is not what god does.a loving father would not torture his children,no matter how bad they were. This is a deception,caused by mistranslation amongst other things.does it not disturb you when you read storys of people who have supposedly witnessed hell,some have even seen young children there,burning in pits.does this sit well with your spirit??all those who believe in eternal torture of hell are about to be left behind for refinement in the day of the lord.they will cry lord lord,but he will say,i do not know you.....do you really know him?? If you did,you would know that his wrath will be satisfied but his mercy is never ending.choose wisley dear friend.seek to truly know him by emptying yourself of all doctrine made of man and the devil.
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