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Message Subject Spiritual "Prepper" Instructions
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
if you pray to god thinking he could throw you in hell and toture you eternally then it is not the true god you pray to but another god.dont be decieved by accounting his discusting ways to the true father,the lover of your soul.a true father disciplines and corrects those he loves,this is what the suffering of the trib is all about.the suffering during the trib is to correct those who thought they knew him but indeed did not.on earth during this time there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.the fundamental principles of christianity have been infiltrated by the devil.he teaches grace and not the law,which is infact spitting in jesus face by saying that through his sacrafice he allows us to not follow the commandments.we follow the commandments because obidience is pleasing to the lord,we are saved by grace and the law.wake up to the love of the father and dont be mislead by the harlot,which is the church.
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