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Message Subject Spiritual "Prepper" Instructions
Poster Handle Keep2theCode
Post Content
Below excerpted quote from your website:
Have we been betrayed once again by our leadership, who in a desperate bid to keep their place has made a pact with the devil? Will we stand and bleat like sheep as "Christian" celebrities destroy doctrinal essentials while demanding everyone unify over a vague concept of "love"? - [link to books.fether.net]

Reminded me of one of my favorite threads with this opening:
Modern, sectarian Christians hang Bible verses like ornaments on an artificial tree constructed of man-made creeds, ignoring the passages which conflict with or contradict their doctrines. In the process, they have allowed a number of myths about the Bible to be promulgated because it serves their own ends. - Thread: Myths About the Bible - UPDATE = Add Myth # 8 - doctors of Mythology respond?

Please expound on reformed vs restored gospel.
 Quoting: X^24

Can you be more specific? I've written quite a lot about Calvinism/Reformed on my main site (archived), [link to www.fether.net] , so if you could narrow down your question I could provide a concise response here.

ADDED: see also the analysis of the Hunt/White Debate at the books site.
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