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Message Subject Sept 21, 2012 -- Ultimate conspiracy doom countdown starring disclosure, alien contact, coastal flooding, nuclear hazards, earth changes
Poster Handle TheTruthWorker
Post Content
Pretty lame to hand over this tech to governments.
They'd just hide it away because they know which side their bread is buttered on. They couldn't let this out even if it existed....it would crash the world economies instantly. We'd be in even worse doodoo.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23792082

1) He is not giving it to governments to hide. He is giving it to all the world so it cannot hide, thus equalize the playing field

2) He could let it out, and governments would have no choice to let it out if all other counties had it.

3) Crashing the world economies would not be so bad if you and everyone else had secret tech solutions for having all the food, water and energy you needed for free.

Expand your thinking. Greater possibilities exist.

Worse doodoo? The further the world elite pull the rubber band, the harder it snaps back. Crash should have happened in 2000. Then again in 2008. No one can stop the world economies from crashing. Only prolong it and make it worse.
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