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Needing Help People - Heard The Word 'PEGASUS' Repeating Through Dream & Now Can't Escape From The Word

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 23471898
United Kingdom
09/09/2012 04:41 PM
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Needing Help People - Heard The Word 'PEGASUS' Repeating Through Dream & Now Can't Escape From The Word
About 5 weeks ago, I had a dream. And all through the dream I kept hearing the word 'Pegasus' repeating over and over. It was like a Narrator of a story in the background speaking to me...I heard the word at least 100 times that night and it was the first time I heard the word...

Since then, I have dug up a bit on Pegasus, it is a mythological Horse with wings, a constellation and a Government Project (Pegasus Project), a time traveling experiment from the early 80s...Project Pegasus can be found on GLP by searching, very intriguing to say the least...

Also, since the dream, My mate got us lost in Stockport, Manchester. He keyed in the wrong postcode by accident with 1 letter being different. We ended up in an industrial estate and guess what, we drove past a building there called 'Pegasus House'.

Also, just the other day, I was put Lady & The Tramp on for my 5 year old son. About 20 mins into the film, I went into his bedroom to check on him and the name Pegasus, one of the dogs was called out....

I can't escape from the dam word and still don't know what it all means.....

I also found this:

WARDENS OF PEGASUS - astral experiment in self-deception

How does a human being communicate with those HIGHER ORDER BEINGS who might be watching our every move from the comfort of their cloaked existence, without interfering with their schedule?

Simple, thought I - MEMORIES.

But why memories? It's like an ANT drawing a CIRCLE to attract our attention, this shows intelligence and tacit understanding of communication. So it'll be with spacetime travellers such as those who ferry themselves across the stare. By CONSCIOUSLY REMEMBERING, as vividly as we are able, are we not demonstrating to these higher order beings that we can do the equivalent of the ANT DRAWING A CIRCLE, showing that we can (like them) travel back through space and time at our will?

Memories are physical traces through space and time. Aren't they? When we have the memory, say from our childhood and because our parent spiral galaxy is spinning very rapidly through space, this memory was generated HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF GALACTIC MILES away.

Oh, yeah, as I lay there post-dream, I tried another experiment and got the crystal clear message WARDENS OF PEGASUS. So, if this were at all relevant and not just the act of self-deceptive mind-danger, I'd say we look towards the constellation of Pegasus for our extra-dimensional neighbours.

IN THE CONSTELLATION PEGASUS: 51 Pegasi (abbreviated 51 Peg) is a Sun-like star located 50.9 light-years (15.6 parsecs) from Earth in the constellation Pegasus. It was the first extrasolar Sun-like star found to have a planet orbiting it. Maybe this is where we should be looking. Maybe the whole universe is festooned with earth-like planets brimming with intelligent life, like ours (well, I say intelligent...)

[link to mikephilbin.blogspot.co.uk]

I was kind of shocked when I read this, Why? At the age of 6 I had recurring nightmares for 6 days, exactly the same...A dream of flying through a brilliant white light, hurtling towards shapes of different colors and having to turn abruptly before hitting them...

To me at that age, I was terrified. I'm 32 now and it was only 4 years ago that I found out that it wasn't a dream, I was Astro Gliding/Surfing or something...Amazing

I have had other things happen in life too, from being saved (from killing myself), visitations by a ball of white light standing next to me in bed and a premonition that came true the next day, all rather freaky with out ANY explanation whatsoever on why I'm experiencing these things.....I only wish I knew...

Can anyone shed any light on this whatsoever??