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Zombies vs brain chemicals in perfect equilibrium! Could evolution alone create such a balance?

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09/10/2012 10:09 AM
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Zombies vs brain chemicals in perfect equilibrium! Could evolution alone create such a balance?
Since my stepbrother was diagnosed with schizophrenia I am trying to figure out how evolution could have created the perfect balance of hundreds (maybe thousands) of neurotransmitters, hormones and other brain chemicals, necessary for a fully functional brain and body.

As I can see in the life of my brother and his sufferings of schizophrenia attacks, if this intricate balance has been disturbed only so slightly, grave consequences occur.

As evolution works only through trial and error and massive amounts of time and not through a designer, wouldn't this mean that until the proper balance of these chemicals is achieved by accident, we would have an endless chain of generations upon generations of beings running around as zombies?

With my brother - according to science - it is his dopamine reuptake which is skewed and the consequences are already severe.
But let us now imagine countless generations of animals and early men with all their brain chemicals in the wrong balance, becoming a zombie is not even a word for the crazyness which would occur until - eons later - through some freak mutation, suddenly the correct amounts and proper balance of a multitude of neuro-chemicals is achieved?

Something seems not right here, since I believe that shit crazy animals would not have the slightest chance to even survive one generation, let alone millions of years.

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