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We will never agree or get along

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United States
09/10/2012 10:09 AM
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We will never agree or get along
It seems as if society, all the way from the classroom, neighborhood, city, county, state, and national level are so divided on a number of issues, that solidarity and cooperation amongst man are nearly impossible. But it isn't surprising really....I mean look at how we as a people are taught division from early on.
One of the most blatant yet "acceptable" forms of this division is from the schools in our country. Most notably the colleges/universities. People driving around with their vehicles plastered with stickers and whatnot from the "indoctrination center" of their choice/liking. Being in Kansas...all I see are either K-State or KU "superfans". When it comes down to it...it can get violent. My school kicks your schools ass...mine has a better faculty, etc.
I have nothing against furthering ones education....but this school spirit is an intro to this division. Professional sports is another.
Then I see neighborhood rivalries...up to county rivalries.
"Your county got the funding to build this or that when it should have been my county" kind of thing. State issues. Living just on the border of KS and MO....this is commonplace here. Taxes, roads, entertainment districts....all fought out at the city/state level which ultimately leads to resentment and/or division.
Then the biggest, stupidest one of all....Republicans vs. Democrats. Coke vs. Pepsi as I like to call it. You know what people....while they are just a little bit different...they are both colas. So really not that different at all. The complaints of Coke against Pepsi or vice versa are so trivial and petty. The main arguments of each "cola" (I won't use the word party)are used as facts. If you ask individuals from either side about certain issues, in a non political atmosphere, you would be surprised at how much the general "person" agrees with one another. It's when issues are brought up at a nation level that people divide themselves which leads to resentment and up to hatred.
We have been saturated with these division methods for so long that I really think we are past the point of no return....which is pretty damn sad. From time to time, alot of us wouldn't mind having a Sprite or a Dr. Pepper.
But that would be another fight for another day.
"Don't let the sword fall asleep in your hand."