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**ALERT** ECB already printing Euro's the sneaky way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUSTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/10/2012 12:14 PM
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**ALERT** ECB already printing Euro's the sneaky way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUSTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy the ECB has implemented a program where the sovereign guarantees some bank’s bonds. The bank then pledges them as collateral at the ECB and gets cash. The bank then turns around and lends the money back to the sovereign nation and provides liquidity and economic sustenance. The Transfer Union is completed as Germany guarantees 22% of the ECB and the European Central Bank is nothing more than a conduit to lend money to the various nations. This contrivance is also not sterilized so that the ECB is, in fact, printing money which is another part of this subterfuge that no one in Europe wants you to know anything about. This strategy is what has kept all of these various countries alive while the political entity, the European Union, tries to decide what to do about the future of the troubled nations. In a very real sense the ECB is the only fully operational part of the European construct at present as the European Union does not have the “political will” to carry out its mandate.

[link to maxkeiser.com]
No More Lies

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United States
01/19/2015 01:34 PM

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Re: **ALERT** ECB already printing Euro's the sneaky way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUSTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so if it's been happening for years...then this coming ECB QE announcement is

1.) Going to be larger than anything in the past

2.) Not a secret (as to increase investor confidence in equities).

Of course Germany is against this, and being that they are the backbone of the Euro, i can see why, especially given their recent history/experience with hyperinflation.