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How Obamacare Affects My Family


User ID: 6269153
United States
09/10/2012 06:07 PM

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How Obamacare Affects My Family
It's all bad. Under obamacare, if you have no insurance, you have to pay a fine to the government. My husband has been unemployed since the plant closed, for close to 2 years now. His COBRA is gone, as is his unemployment. He is 60, and has no income or insurance. Under obamacare, the government adds insult to injury, and will fine him for the lack of health insurance.
My youngest will be losing her medical insurance in a little over a year, as she is ageing out of the plan. She goes to college, and works part time. She will be fined also.
The government is getting better at getting the last drop out of you. For the mandatory fines for uninsured people, if you do not "voluntarily" relinquish your fine, they will sieze your bank account, your checks from whatever source,your possessions, and jail you. You have no choice but to pay, or suffer the consequences.
But, if you are in the league of the exempt, like politicians, muslims, unions, etc, no worries ! If you are wealthy, you have no worries, as the fine is nothing more than a nuisance, if you can easily afford it.
The effects of the looming obamacare disaster have already started. People on medicare have had their services cut. Many companies have dropped their health coverage for their employees, as it is cheaper for them to pay the fine, than provide coverage.
Religious institutions are being told to provide insurance for their employees, that goes against their beliefs. Killing babies is not medical coverage.

The politico's in D.C. are just sitting back and laughing at us. They have truly put the devastation of the regular citizen on a steep, very slippery slope, while they and their special interest groups have not a blasted thing to worry about, except to line their pockets off the backs of the people.

User ID: 18527551
09/10/2012 06:59 PM
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Re: How Obamacare Affects My Family
I feel really sorry for the difficult position this puts your family in. The problem of people with a rather low incoming having to pay for mandatory health-care appears here in the Netherlands as well, and quite some people feel like their money just goes down the drain. This however, is a minority, as people with comparable low income situations get special care-funding to help paying for this 'Obama-care'-like situation.
And it worked so very well for us, as a nation. It made sure that people who don't have thousands or hundreds of thousand ready at a bank don't have their lives destroyed when disaster strikes. It helped lots of people through the financial crisis. Countless more who would have died, now received proper care. Decent government standards for insurance coverage made insurance companies compete in a healthy way. I pay a mere 180 dollars a month for healthcare, plus some 5, 6 more for accidental insurance. Sure, I could use the money; I have the absolute minimum income, but I wouldn't have it any other way. There's almost no multi-million dollar treatment I can't get. I'm insured for millions of accidental damage. I can get 'free' high-quality glasses. Women are able to buy 'free' contra-conception.

Now, I understand it's the American way to be able to rise to the top, as well as fall down hard in a moment's piece of time and luck. Situations were you get promoted, or fired. Didn't get any car-accidents or dangerous disease? Great, saved thousands on insurance! All that.

I don't pretend to know what Obamacare is all about, since I really don't. But I have noticed from my American contacts that things can get really bad, really easily. And without an insurance, you're nowhere. They way I see it, Obama wants for force a mentality change on the subject. And from what I experienced, in my own country, I think that a great, great thing.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 9231012
United States
09/10/2012 11:44 PM
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Re: How Obamacare Affects My Family
I lost the link but most folks do not realize the fines increase (almost double) every year beyond the first year it goes into effect.

It's going to be really tough on young adults just starting out in life trying to make their own way out of the nest.

I seriously think it is a way for the government boot to stay on people's necks to force them to work longer and harder with each successive year.