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Message Subject Gray Alien Caught On Camera In Yard After Home Break-In. Night Vision - Good Video !!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
On the Italian woman's video she said she believed the "aliens" needed her help to create a hybrid race of people because their race was dying, or something like that but thats a big lie they want you to believe. They're just fucking demons, not beings from other worlds. They are pure evil. The beings created were not part of God's plan. They are perversions, not created in the likeness of God.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8640456

Thats pretty cruel. If you believe in God you know he created everything, everything. How do you know they are bad or Demons? They could do lots of good here on Earth and you just wouldnt see it.
are you saying since they are different they must be evil?
 Quoting: MONSTER

What's the purpose of all the ETED and ET and EBE meddling in Earth politics, genetics, wars, economies, infrastructure, technologies, biology, progress, and regress? Humans have gotten so bad they aren't worth saving from their own destructive nature. The species isnít viable. Way too greedy, violent, manipulative, aggressive, corrupt, and dishonest. There are too many assholes here & they would be better destroying all humans in the universe, then growing cute little kittens on a new planet.

Most species are very aggressive, manipulative, cunning, and extremely dangerous. In Greerís interviews it is purported that all aliens are benevolent. Just look what the greys do for their programmers and then you will know some of evil the reptilians are about. Kidnapping, theft, human mutilation, pedophilia, rape, cross species eugenics, pain tolerance studies, drug abuse, cannibalizing humans for parts, food, sacrifice, and entertainment. Forced organ & tissue transplantation.

Warning: Adults with strong stomachs only.

[link to www.think-aboutit.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23562917

The monsters are Human. Didnt watch the video. Something I dont want putting an imprint on my brain. Its all about putting the blame on someone else. so lets say Aliens are doing it.
 Quoting: MONSTER

See that's the point. There's no such thing as aliens. These are creatures who are not made in God's image. All old manuscripts and documents do not refer to them as extraterrestrials or aliens. Just creations of fallen angels, Lucifer, and demonic entities.

Good fruit does not come from bad seeds. That explains why they are interested in cross species hybridization with humans. Humans are a resource to them, for their pleasure, and manipulation. No reason to reinvent a name for them. They have been studied since the dawn of man.
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