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Message Subject Gray Alien Caught On Camera In Yard After Home Break-In. Night Vision - Good Video !!
Poster Handle 3ogla
Post Content
Not saying video is fake or real, but Aliens exist, it is us that needs to be aware of what they actually are. This Hollywood style alien race does not exist, Define Aliens?

An Intelligent Race that is not Humans. You heard of Demons and Angels? they are intelligent aren't they?

In religion, Demons exist around us all the time and whisper negative thoughts to us so we can commit bad deeds and sin. They are Satan's followers, Demons are Fallen Angels.

In Scientology, Aliens exist in another dimension around us, we cannot see them or detect them, and they are here to tamper with our thoughts , they are not under the rule of the creator of this universe and everything inside it.

Satan disobeyed God, Connect these dots, Aliens are Demons. I do not believe in Scientology, I am a religious person, but even Science can tell that there is some undetected intelligence that is causing us to act the way we do, and if you are a 33rd bitch, Illuminazi, Freemason or a follower of any occult, you know exactly what im talking about but you cannot speak of it because of that oath you made in exchange of the tiny black book that captured your soul, and your wishful master would destroy you.
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