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Message Subject Gray Alien Caught On Camera In Yard After Home Break-In. Night Vision - Good Video !!
Poster Handle The " HAMMER " Thor
Post Content
ummm.. if it was a break in what parent would send thier kid down to check it out.

"you go first sweety, i'll grab the camera"

 Quoting: Doommincus Maximus

i know biggest load of bullshit ever , im not saying these things dont exist , as the bible says things come out of the deep on the earth when the pit is opened and the koran also says some humanoid looking creatures come up out of the earth also with stars for eyes ... and when you see them you know judgement is immanent , very close ...

but these things are so evasive there is no way that idiot would get them on film , or send his daughter our first ...

they use technology to send us into confusion and even coma tose us whilst they do what they do ...

im calling bullshit to ....
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