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Enuma Elish II

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09/12/2012 11:38 AM
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Enuma Elish II
Lo! Tiamat assembled her creatures, the Reptilians of Maldek, the controllers of Qi, And collected battle-units against the Reptilians her offsprings. Tiamat did even more evil for posterity than Afsu, the sun. It was reported to Nudimmud that Tiamat had prepared for war. Nudimmud listened to that report from the planet Ea, Neptune, And he was dumbfounded and sat in silence. When Nudimmud had pondered and his fury subsided, Nudimmud made his way to the planet Anshar, Saturn, which is his grandfather's planet.
Nudimmud came before Anshar, the father of him who begot him, And he began to repeat to him everything that the Maldekians that ruled Tiamat had planned.

"Grandfather, the planet Tiamat, who bore us, is rejecting us! She has convened a council, And is raging out of control. The Anunnagi have turned to the aid of Tiamat, and all of them, Even your children, those whom you begot, such as AND and Antum, have gone over to Tiamat's side. They crowded around and rallied beside Tiamat. They were fierce, scheming restlessly, shadow hour and daylight hour. They were working up to war, growling and raging. They convened a council, and created conflict. As was stated earlier,

Mother Hubur, who fashions all things,Contributed an unfaceable weapon she bore giant snakes, Reptilians, in her
seas, With sharp teeth and unspanng fangs, disagreeable ill heart, and rebellious in nature, She filled their bodies with venom instead of blood. She cloaked ferocious dragons with fearsome rays of power, And made them bear mantles of
radiance, which made them appear like Aluhum.

"Whoever you look upon these Reptilians shall collapse in utter terror! Their bodies shall rear up continually, and they shall never turn away!" She stationed a horned serpent, a Mushussu-dragon, The false Ugallu-demon, a rabid dog called Anubis, And a scorpion-man called Ibliys,
Aggressive Umu-Demons called Taneen, a Fish-Man called Dagan, and a Bull-Man called Enkidu; and all the offsprings of Maldek, Were bearing merciless weapons, fearless in battle. Her orders were so powerful, they could not be disobeyed.

In addition, she created 11 more crafts and she launched them at Nibiru. Over the Aluhum, her offspring who had convened a council for her, She promoted the ruler Luna, who is Kingu, ruler of the Moon, and she made him greatest among them, And she conferred upon him leadership of the army, and thus those who worship the crescent moon attribute it to Dina. And command of the assembly, Raising the weapon to signal engagement,

Mustering combat-troops, 0verall command of the whole
battle force. And she set him upon a throne. "I have cast the Spell Of Kingu, which is later to become known as the
Spell of Leviathan, the great Taneen called Shaytaan, for you and made you the greatest of the Anunnagi' s assembly I have put into your power, rule
over all the Anunnagi! You shall be the greatest, for you are my only lover! Your commands shall always prevail
over all the Anunnagi!" Then Tiamat gave Kingu rule in the
solar system, The Tablet Of Destinies, and she made him clasp it to his breast. "Your utterance shall never be
altered! Your word shall be law!" When Sheshqi, known as Luna, ruler of the moon, child of Tiamat, He was promoted and had received the ANU-power,

And had decreed destinies for the Anunnagi his sons, he said, "These issues that come forth from your mouths shall quench fire! Your accumulated venom that reaches any and all shall paralyze the powerful!" Anshar (FATHER of ANU) listened, and the report was very disturbing. He twisted his fingers, balled up his fist, and frowned his face, and bit his lip; His liver was inflamed, nerves on edge, and his belly was restless. His roar to Ea, his grandson, was quite weak.
"You must be the one who declares war! Keep brandishing what you have made as arms for yourself! You are the hero, the conqueror. You slew Afsu, the sun. Where else will we find someone to face the inhabitants of Tiamat, when she
rages uncontrollably? You were born with the good sense
of the Anunnagi, oh Nudimmud." In anger, Nudimmud made his voice heard, "You are the unfathomable fixer of fates!
The power to create and to destroy is yours!

0 Anshar (father of ANU) , you are the unfathomable fixer of fates! The power to create and to destroy is yours! The fate which you order immediately comes to pass." Anshar, listened, and the speech pleased him. His heart prompted him to speak to Nudimmud. "Your courage, like an Anunnagi, has given you the power to rise up against the inhabitants of Tiamat!" He, Anshar, addressed AND, his son saymg, "This is the Kasusu, weapon of warnors. Its strength is mighty, its attack unfaceable. Go against the inhabitants of Tiamat
and stand your ground! Let her anger abate, and let her fury
be quelled. If she will not listen to your word, Speak our words of force to her, that she may be calmed." AND listened to the speech of his father, Anshar, And took the path to Tiamat and made his way straight to her. AND set out, and came to earth.

He was trying to find out the strategy of the inhabitants of Tiamat. He discovered it and he turned back. He entered into the presence of Anshar, the father who begot him. He humbly addressed him, "Oh Anshar, you are too great for me. She laid before me with the palms of her hand on top of me." Anshar was speechless, and stared at the ground; He gnashed his teeth in anger and shook his head in despair at Nudimmud. Now, the Igigi assembled all the Anunnagi. They stayed silently for a while, tight-lipped. "Will no other Anunnagi cometh forward? Is fate fixed? Will no one go out to face the Maldekians, Who inhabited the seas of Tiamatwith courage?" Then, Nudimmud, from his secret dwelling called, The perfect one grandson of Anshar, father of the great Anunnagi, Whose heart is perfect like a fellow-citizen or countryman pure. The mighty heir who was to be his father's champion, Who rushes fearlessly into battle;
Murduk the hero! He told him his innermost design, saymg, "0 Murduk, take my advice, listen to your father! You are the son who sets his heart at rest! Approach Anshar, as you are drawing near to him, And make your voice heard, and stand your ground: He will be calmed by the sight of you."

The Yahweh rejoiced at the words of his father, And he approached and stood before Anshar. Anshar looked at him, and his heart was filled with joy. He kissed him on the lips, put away his trepidation. Then Murduk addressed him,
saymg, "Father, don't stay so silent, open your lips, Let me go, and let me fulfill your heart's desire. Ruler of Anshar, don't stay so silent, open your lips, Let me go, and let me fulfill your heart's desire."

Anshar Replied:
"What kind of man have ordered you out to his war? My son, don't you realize that it is the inhabitants of Tiamat, And Ishtar, ruler of womankind, who will advance against you with arms?"
Murduk Answered:
"Father, my creator, rejoice and be glad! You shall soon set your foot upon the neck of the inhabitants of Tiamat!"

Anshar Replied:
"Then go, son, knowing all wisdom! Quell Tiamat with your pure spell! Set forth immediately in the craft of the sound of lightning, a storm chariot; Let its mission not be to drive them out, but rather to turn them back!" The Yahweh rejoiced at the words of his father. His heart was glad and he addressed his father, "Yahweh of the Aluhum, fate of the great Anunnagi, If indeed I am to be your champion, If I am to defeat those who have occupied Tiamat and have your lives, Convene the council, name a
special fate, Sit joyfully together my Ubshu-Ukkinakku:
My own utterance shall fix fate instead of you! Whatever I create shall never be altered! The decree of my lips shall
never be revoked, and never changed!
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09/12/2012 12:12 PM
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Re: Enuma Elish II
Anshar Speaks To Kakka

Lo! Anshar made his voice heard, and addressed his speech to Kakka his Yahweh, "0 Kakka, Yahweh who pleases me! I shall send you to Lahmu, Mars and Lahamu, Venus. You shall know how to probe, you are not skilled in speaking, Have the Anunnagi, my fathers, brought you before me; Let all the Anunnagi be brought to me. Let there be conversation, let them sit at a banquet,Let them eat grain, let them drink choice wine, And then let them decree a destiny for Murduk, their champion. Set off, Kakka, and go and stand before them, and everything that I am about to tell you, repeat to them. Anshar, your son has sent me,
He has told me to report his heart's message, I sent ANU, but he was unable to face her alone, Nudimmud panicked and turned back.

Then Murduk, sage of the Anunnagi, your son, came forward.
He wanted of his own free will to confront the inhabitants of Tiamat. He addressed his words to me, 'If indeed I am to be your champion, To defeat the inhabitants of Tiamat
and save your lives, Convene the council, name a special
fate, Sit joyfully together mUbshu-Ukkinakku:
And let me, in my own utterance, fix fate instead of you. Whatever I create shall never be altered! Let a decree from my lips never be revoked, or never changed!' Hurry and decree your destiny for him quickly, So that he may go, and face your formidable enemy!" Kakka set of and went on his way.

Before Lahmu, Mars, and Lahamu, Venus, the Anunnagi, and his fathers, he prostrated himself, and kissed the
ground in front of them. Then straightened up, and stood
there and spoke to them, saying: "Anshar, your son has sent me. He has told me to report his personal message, that they founded a princely shrine for him." He took up residence as ruler before his fathers. "You are honored among the great Anunnagi. Your destiny is unequaled, your
word has the power of ANU! 0 Murduk, you are honored among the great Anunnagi. Your destiny is unequaled, your word has the power of ANU! From this day onwards your command shall not be altered. Yours is the power to exalt and abase. May your utterance be law, and your word never be falsified. None of the Anunnagi shall transgress your limits. May endowment, required for the Anunnagi's shl'ines,
Wherever they have temples, be established for your place.
0 Murduk, you are our champion! We hereby give you sovereignty over all of the whole universe. Sit in the assembly and your word shall be pre-eminent! May your weapons never miss the mark, and may they smash your

a Murduk, spare the life of him who trusts in you, But drain the life of the beings who have espoused evil!" They set up in their midst of that one constellation, And then they addressed Murduk, their son, "May your decree, a Murduk, impress the Anunnagi! Command to destroy and to
recreate, and let it be so! Speak and let the constellation vanish! Speak to it again and the constellation was recreated. He spoke to it again, and the constellation was recreated. When the Anunnagi, his fathers, saw how effective his utterance was, They rejoiced, they proclaimed, "Murduk is Ruled" They invested him with scepter, throne, and staff-of-office. They gave him an unfaceable weapon to crush the foe. "Go, and cut off the life of the inhabitants of Tiamat!

Let the winds bear her blood to us as good news!" The Anunnagi, his fathers, thus, decreed the destiny of Murduk, And set him on the path of peace and obedience. He fashioned a bow, designated it as his weapon, And he feathered the arrow, and set it in the string. He lifted up a mace and carried it in his right hand, Slung the bow and quiver at his side,

And he put lightning in front of him, His body was filled with an ever-blazing flame. He made a net to encircle Tiamat within it, Marshalled the four winds so that no part of her could escape: South Wind, North Wind, East Wind, West Wind, The gift of his grandfather, AND, he kept them close to the net at his side. He created the Imhullu-wind, evil wind, the tempest, the whirlwind, The forcefields called the four winds, the seven winds, like tornadoes, the unfaceable facing wind. He released the winds which he had created, and 7 crafts they were. They advanced behind him to make turmoil inside Tiamat. Murduk, the ruler, raised the flood-weapon, his great weapon, And mounted the frightful, unfaceable storm-chariot. He had yoked to it a team of 4, and he had harnessed it to its side. "Slayer", "pitiless", "racer", and
"flyer"; Their lips were drawn back, their teeth carried poison. They know not exhaustion, they can only devastate.
He stationed on his right, fiercesome fight and conflict,
On the left, the battle to knock down every contender prepared to defend. Clothed in a cloak of awesome
armor, His head was crowned with a terrible radiance.

The ruler set out and took the road, And set his face towards Tiamat who raged out of control. In his lips he gripped a spell, In his hand he grasped a herb to
counter poison. Then they thronged about him, the
Anunnagi thronged about him; The Anunnagi, his fathers, thronged about him. The ruler drew near and looked into
the middle of Tiamat: He was trying to find out the
strategy of Kingu, her lover. As he looked, his mind became
confused, His will crumbled and his actions were muddled.
As for the Anunnagi his helpers, who marched at his side,
When they saw the warrior, the leader, their looks were strained. Tiamat casted her spell. She did not even turn her neck. In her lips she was holding falsehood, lies, wheedling, "How powerful is your attacking force, 0 Yahweh of the Aluhum! The whole assembly of them have gathered to your place!" The Yahweh of the Aluhum lifted up the flood-weapon, his great weapon. He sent a message to Tiamat who
feigned goodwill, saying: "Why are you so friendly on the
surface. When your depths conspire to muster a battle force?

Just because the sons were noisy and disrespectful to their fathers, Should you, who gave them birth, reject compassion?
You named Kingu as your lover, You appointed him to rites of
AND-power, which were wrongfully his. You sought out evil for Anshar, ruler of the Anunnagi, You have compounded your
wickedness against the Anunnagi, my fathers! Let your host prepare! Let them gird themselves with your weapons! Stand forth, and you and I shall do single combatl"
When Tiamat heard this, She went wild, and she lost her
temper. Tiamat screamed aloud in a paSSIOn, Her lower parts shook together from the depths. She recited the incantation and kept casting her spell. Meanwhile, the Anunnagi of battle were sharpening their weapons. Face to face they came, Tiamat and Murduk, sage of the Anunnagi. They engaged in combat, they closed for battle. The ruler spread his net and made it encircle her, To her face he dispatched the
Imhullu-wind, which had been behind: Tiamat opened her mouth to swallow it, And he forced in the Imhullu-wind
so that she could not close her lips. Fierce winds distended her belly; Her insides were constipated and
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09/12/2012 01:04 PM
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Re: Enuma Elish II
she stretched her mouth wide. He shot an arrow which pierced
her belly, Split her down the middle and slit her heart,
That vanquished extinguished her life. He threw down her corpse and stood on top of her. When he had slain Tiamat, the leader, He broke up her regiments; and her assembly was scattered. Then the Maldekians, her helpers, who had marched at her side, Began to tremble, panicked, and
turned tail. Although he allowed them to cometh out, and spared their lives, They were surrounded, and they
could not flee. Then he tied them up, and smashed their weapons. They were thrown into the net and sat there ensnared.

They cowered back, filled with woe. They had to bear his punishment, confined to prison. And as for the dozens of creatures, covered in fearsome rays, The gang of demons who all marched on her right, He fixed them with nose-ropes,
and tied their arms. He trampled their battle-filth,
stomping them beneath him. As for Kingu, who had once been the greatest among them, He defeated him, and counted him among the dead planets, Which rested from him was the Tablet of Destinies, which werewrongfully his,
And he sealed it with his own seal, and pressed it to his breast. When he had defeated, and killed his enemies, And he had proclaimed the submissive Tiamat foe his slave,
And he had set up the triumphal cry of Anshar over all the enemy, And he had achieved the desire of Murduk the warrior.
He strengthened his hold over the captive Maldekians,
And to Tiamat, whom he had ensnared, he turned back.
The great ship Nibiru caused her to be trampled, and the lower part of

Tiamat was shattered, With his unsparing mace, he
smashed her skull, Severed the arteries of her blood,
And made the North wind carry it off as good news. His fathers saw it and were jubilant: They rejoiced, Arranged to greet him with presents, greetings and gifts. The ruler
rested, and inspected her corpse. He divided the monstrous shape and created marvels from it. He sliced her in half like a fish for drying:

Half of her he put up to the roof of the sky as a new Tiamat, now called Orb, And he drew an asteroid belt across the skies from the particles of her lower half, and he made a guard hold it. He arranged her waters so that they could not escape. He crossed the heavens and sought out a shrine; He leveled Afsu, the sun, which is the dwelling of Nudimmud, and he removed his rule of the solar system. The ruler Murduk measured the dimensions of Afsu, the sun.
The large temple Eshgalla, which he built in its image, was Esharra, the inner world created in the belly of Tiamat called Aghaarta and Shamballah: In the great shrine Esharra, which he had created as the sky, he founded a
cult centress for AND, Enlil, and Nudimmud.

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09/12/2012 01:26 PM
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Re: Enuma Elish II