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The Formation Of Kadmon, Zakar, Adam And Nekaybaw, Hawwah

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09/12/2012 01:32 PM
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The Formation Of Kadmon, Zakar, Adam And Nekaybaw, Hawwah
Lo! En "Ruler" of the Qi "Earth" Enqi, commanded the Anunnagi Nusqu, who bore the title, Geb-Ra-El, Jibrail, Gabriy'El, to form the body of Kadmon, who was taken from the dust of the ground, Adama Project created of clay black mud, blood clot cell, and fashioned into shape, and cloned. Being the mud was of the Earth, he was called Adam, which means Adamah, "the ground. " This is speaking of his physical creation, and making. Being, there is already life in the soil of the ground, it wasn't the creation of life itself. The mud and clay is symbolic of the contents of blood or the clot. Dehydrated blood turns into brown dust particles, and this is how the hematologist would transport
blood to be re-activated, by simply mixing the water together for life, thus you have man being created of dust,
man being created of water, dust and water, or earth and water becomes mud, "the clot". The extracts from that clot or blood is necessary for the cloning process.
With this procedure, the Anunnagi Nusqu proceeded on wings of haste from his dwelling place in Orion, traversing the constellations of the skies and elemental orbs. Upon arriving on the surface of the planet Earth then called Terra, Tiwawat, Ta-Mara, Nusqu went to the rulers of the Atumite and Cuthite tribes by the far 2

rivers, the Idiglat, Tigris, and Furrattu, Euphrates, where he was living with the fallen Anunnagi, known as the Luciferians, or Wehans, To ask their King Atum and Queen Lillith, if they would let them breed a seed from them. Mother Earth, as she Lillith was called, refused. Nusqu stretched his hand to execute the command he had received from Enqi, the ruler of the Earth. This fearful attempt moved the vapors imprisoned in the bowels of the planet Earth, And it caused a terrible Earthquake and strife between the Elders, and the seed of Atum, father of Kadmon. The soil inquired of this Anunnagi the Angelic being Gabriy'El who replied: "El Eloh, one of the Aluhum, the Sustainer of glory, intended to create a primitive worker from you, To dignify his head with the diadem, the crown or royal headband of successorship, El Najuyuf or khalifaship, to rule Qi in Enqi's place, And to adorn his stature with nobility. " The Earth Atumites enjoined: "I have refuge with El from you; I adjure you by El Rabb, the Sustainer, To desist from this purpose, Lest he create of me an individual who would, like the sons of the disagreeable beings, Attempt the stratagems of disobedience, And would consequently b

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09/12/2012 02:54 PM
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Re: The Formation Of Kadmon, Zakar, Adam And Nekaybaw, Hawwah
punished and condemned. I have not the power to resist the
wrath of El Eloh. The punishment of AND, A'LYUN A'LYUN EL, The Most High Ruler." The Anunnagi Gabriy'EI heard the entreaties of the Earth people, Atumites, the Cuthites, and he sympathized with their helplessness, And returned by the same way he descended, And laid his information before El
Rabb of glory
. By permission of the Creator of mortal beings, The Anunnagi Miyka'EL, son of Enqi and Damkina, likewise returned. He also descended upon the planet
Earth. The same conversation took place between him and the planet Earth people as with Gabriy'El, son of Rasi'EI And Zamma'El. The Anunnagi Miyka'El, likewise returned. Then the Anunnagi Enqi, son of
AND and Id, who bore the title Izraa'El, was on the same errand.

The planet Earth people, King Atum of the Cuthites, again implored, and began to lament and to cry. Enqi said: "It is more incumbent upon me to obey the nourisher than to take pity on you." Accordingly, he collected a handful of black mud, and blood cells, and he fashioned (cloned) the Adam that was acting on the part of the Sustainer and Creator himself. Then the Rabbiyuwna or the elders, now moved the disagreeable mortals Atum and his wife Lillith, into the city Salaam in Qodesh from the Idiglat,Tigris and Furrattu, Euphrates valley to
breed a son. Also the agreeable mortals, Ptah and his wife Anath, were taken from the White and Blue Nile to Nippur, which is one of the cities in Qodesh, and this was for the purpose to breed a daughter. They were placed in different places, so they, Kadmon and Nekaybaw wouldn't know each other, until they are at the right age. 21 for him and 18 for her. After the birth of a daughter of mixed seed, for her seed or blood was from Kadmon's own marrow, bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh, and they called her Nekaybaw, who was also mixed with the Kishite from Ptah, and Hawilahite, from Anath, who were her parents. The actual genetic breeding, and
splicing of the cells of Kadmon began and was done in a laboratory on the planet Lahrnu "Mars", in the laboratory Shimti. Thus, it is said, Kadmon was created in the heavens before the earth. How was this great task undertaken? When the scientist took the seed of
, and bred her with Adiuru, the Homo Sapien, the 16th seed of the Adama Project, after taking Genus Homo to Homo Erectus, to Homo Sapien. The Homo Sapien was mixed with the seed of the Anunnagis. This was the process. When this new seed of Ninti and Adiuru was ready for the transport from the heavens to the Qi "earth", it was brought down to the planet Earth and this Gene, or cell was genetically spliced into the DNA of Atum, the ruler of the Atumites, and also into the DNA of Ptah, the ruler of the Kishites. In time Ptah gave birth to

the daughter called Nekaybaw, meaning "tribal leader", and before that Atum gave birth to the son called Kadmon, meaning "up front." How was this great task undertaken? While Kadmon was yet, a baby of 2 years of age, before the very birth of Nekaybaw, the chemists Anunnagi, Nergal and Arishkegal had
perfected the gene of Kadmon to make his offspring, bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. So he was put into a deep
sleep state, and the chemists went into the marrow of his bone, and they extracted a cell from his blood to create
his counterpart Nekaybaw. These newly formed beings were to be placed in a habitat
, called an enclosed garden, one
of the many, and at a certain age, to be watched and groomed. And you should always remember the birth of our mother Nekaybaw, for she is the mother of mothers and her birthday shall be celebrateon the month of May, the
tenth day. At age 21 Kadmon was moved without clothes to the Enclosed Garden called Eden located in Baali.

At the age 18, Nekaybaw was moved into the same Enclosed Garden; and she also was without clothes or shame. Comprised of different colors and properties from the surface of the planet Earth, And having mixed all parts together, the birth of Kadmon, called the ground
Adamah, It was Formed as a black olive as black as the shadow hour in the skin tone
of the original Asiatic black man the Hindu, yet with a reddish skin color, thus the name Adam or Edum red and ruddy.

When Enqi, the Aluhum Izraa'El, arrived in the glorious place the Anunnagi, ALUHUM, he asked him whether the planet Earth people had, this time, taken refuge with himself or not.
Enqi replied:
El Rabb said:
"If it took refuge with me from you, why did you not spare it?"
Enqi replied:
"I deemed obedience to you more necessary than pity for it."
ANU, A'LYUN A'LYUN EL, The Most High The Highest continued:
"Depart, for 1 have made you Anunnagi of death, in an ether form for all times." I have placed the taking of the soul
of Kadmon, and his seed into your power. At these words, The Anunnagi Izraa'El, began to weep, saying: "Amongst the children of Kadmon,
called the Adamites and Enosites, there will be newsbearers who will undoubtedly hate me on this account."
However, ANU, A'LYUN A'LYUN EL rejoined: "I shall send so
many complaints and diseases upon the Adamites, they will not hate you, and none of their deeds will be a cause of grief to you at all." For this loud lamentation is forbidden. but there is no harm in weeping for the dead: yet patience is Better.

It is a curse upon the people who wail and those around them who listen to them.
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09/12/2012 03:20 PM
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Re: The Formation Of Kadmon, Zakar, Adam And Nekaybaw, Hawwah
The Four Rivers

Lo! Of the rivers, a river flows out of the site of delight in order to irrigate the Enclosed Garden of Delight, And from over there it separated and
became 4 rivers. The name of the first river is the White Nile, or the Gihon: It is the one that surrounds that whole part of the planet Earth, Ethiopia The land of old, Nubia, called Havilah, where there is gold. The gold of that part of the planet Earth is very rich also, In Nubia there can be found Gum Resin, Pearls, and also the Onyx Stone. The name of the second river, is the Blue Nile, Pishon It is the same one that surrounds the whole planet Earth, of those ancient Cushites "black skins" Kishites of Eridu, in the Sumerian land, where the Anunnagi came down to Earth.

The name of the third is the Idiglat, Tigris, "rapid stream, "It's the one flowing Eastward towards the land of the ancient Ashurites, "to widen." The fourth is the Furattu, Euphrates, "breaking off." Between these rivers did the ancient tribe of Kish, from the Skies, later called
Cush, migrated and settled. It is the same river that surrounds the whole part of the planet Earth. Before these rivers and streams

flowed into the cracks and crevices of the dry land whose surrounding source was called oceans, It was one water mass for the whole planet Earth. These same ancient Cushites became "black skins" or Kishites by the rusting in their blood. These Kishites was one of the 14 tribes of Anunnagi that came down from the planet ship Nibiru, That was launched from the 8th planet Rizq, from the 19th galaxy, Illyuwn. When they arrived here, and they set up the first kingdom of Eridu and the first temple called Obeid, The 14 tribes broke into 2 sets of 300, the disagreeable three hundred,called Anaqites, And the agreeable, called Anunnagi, of the seven tribes of the Anunnagi. Between the two rivers of Idiglat, Tigris and Furattu, Euphrates was the original land of Kish established, These two rivers of Idiglat and Furattu were also occupied by one of the 7 disagreeable tribes of the Anaqites. The original Kishites later migrated
north, then west, through Ashkolam, known as Alkebu-lan, to join the other 7 agreeable Anunnagi, And on into Kemet, later changed to Mitsrayim, which is Egypt, where names did change. AN became ANU, "the Heavenly One", Ra, became El Eloh.

Where Nunamnir, the son of ANU, was his Sumerian name and Enlil was his title, When he came to the planet Earth.
Then, even later, he was mistakenly called Usir. The Greeks called him Osiris as did those of Babel who called him Dummuzi; and this is what they sang of him:
"Homage to you, Usir, Master of Eternity, Ruler of the Earthly Aluhum, Whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, You being of hidden form in the temples, whose etheric being is holy. You are the governor of Tattu,
known as Busiris, And also The Mighty One in Sekhem, later called Letopolis, The Mighty One, the Powerful One, holder of the staff of office, the wand of power. The symbol of the ruler of the stars of the Heavens. You are the master to whom praises are ascribed in the province of Ati. You are the prince of divine food in Annu, later called Heliopolis. You are the Master who is commemorated in Mati,
The hidden soul, the master of Adu, Qerrt Elephantine.
He who sees all, as the Sun sees Ra. He is the birth of the Sun, the strength of the Sun, and the death of the Sun.
The Ruler supreme in the white wall of Memphis. You are the Master of the great house in Khemenu, later called
Hermopolis. You are the Mighty One of victories
in Shas-hetep, the master of eternity, The Governor of Abydos, upper Egypt, originally called Kemet, land of
the Nubians. The path of his throne is 1ll Ta-tcheser, a part of Abydos. Your name is established in the

mouths of Enosites. You are the substance of two lands
Mitsrayim, Kemet. You are them, the feeder of Kau
"doubles," The governor of the companies of the earthly Anunnagi. You are the Beneficent spirit among the spirits.
The ANU of the celestial ocean Nun, the great water, Which will rise up and engulf the whole planet Earth; which drew from you his waters. You send forth the North Wind at
eventide, And breathe from your nostrils to the satisfaction of your heart. Your heart renews its youth, and
you can produce the life of deities. The stars in the celestial heights are obedient unto you, And the great doors of the sky open themselves before you. You are he to whom praises are ascribed in the Southern Heaven, And thanks are given for you in the Northern Heaven. The imperishable stars are under your supervIsIon, And the stars which never set are your thrones. Offerings appear before you at the decree of Keb. The companies of the Earthly Anunnagi, praise you, And the disagreeable Anunnagi, of the Tuat, which is the other world, smell the Earth in paying homage to you. The uttermost parts of the planet Earth bow before you, And the limits of the skies entreat

you with supplications, when they see you. Anunnagi, Anunnagi, who are of the Holy Ones, are overcome before
you, And thanksgiving your majesty. You are a shining spirit-body, an Anunnagi, the governor of Anunnagi
spirit-bodies; Permanent is your rank, established
is your rule. You are the well-doing power of the company of the Anunnagi, Gracious is your face, and beloved by ANU, A'LYUN A'LYUN EL that sees It. Your fear is set in all the lands by reason of your perfect love; And they cry out to your name making it the first of names, And all people make offerings to you. You are the Master who is commemorated in Heaven and upon the planet Earth. Many are the cries which are made to you at the Uak festival, And with one heart and voice, Kemet, raise cries of joy to you. "You are the great chief, the first among your brethren,

The prince of the company of the Earthly Anunnagi,
The establisher of the right and truth throughout the world,
The son who Set was on the great throne of his father Keb.
You are the beloved of your mother Nut, the daughter of Shu, and Tefnut, the mighty one of valor, Who overthrew the Sebau-Fiend. You did stand up and smite your enemy, and set your fear in your adversary. You do bring the boundaries of the mountains. Your heart is fixed, your legs are set firm.
You are the heir of Keb and of the sovereignty of the two lands of Kemet, called Mitsrayim. He, Keb, has seen his splendors. He has decreed for him, the guidance of the world by your hand, as long as times endure. You have made this Qi, Earth, with your hand, and the Tiamat, waters, and
the winds, and the vegetation, and all the cattle, And all the feathered fowl, and all the fish, And all the creeping things, and all the wild animals thereof. The desert is the lawful possession of the son of Nut. The two lands of Mitsrayim are content to crown you upon the throne of your father, like Ra. You roll up into the horizon, you have set the sun's light to overpower the absence of light, You send forth air from your plumes, and you flood the two lands like
the disk at daybreak. Your crown penetrate the height of
Heaven, You are the companion of the stars, and the guide of every Sarufaat. You are beneficent in decree and speech,The favored one of the great company of the Anunnagi,
And the beloved of the little company of human Anunnagi.
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09/12/2012 03:51 PM
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Re: The Formation Of Kadmon, Zakar, Adam And Nekaybaw, Hawwah
His sister in faith was Aset, known as Ishtar and Inanna, who has protected him, And has repulsed the fiends, and
turned aside calamities of evil from him. She uttered the spell of Kingu, called Leviathan, with the magical
power of her mouth. Her tongue was perfect, and it
never halted at a word. Beneficent in command and word
was Aset, falsely called Isis, the woman Ishtar of magical spells; The advocate of her brother III faith. She sought him untiringly, She wandered round and round about this planet Earth in sorrow, And she alighted not without
finding him. She made light with her feathers, she created air with her wings, And she uttered the death wail for
her brother in faith. She raised up the inactive members
of whose heart was still. She drew from him his essence, she
made an heir, She reared the child in loneliness, And the place where he was not known, and he grew in strength and
stature, And his hand was mighty in the house of Keb. The company of the Anunnagi rejoiced, at the coming of Har, falsely called Horus. This Horus was the son of Osiris and Isis. Osiris was the son of Geb and Nut, and the grandson of
Amon Ra. This Horus had a fight with his brother Set, who ripped out his left eye. Thus you have the "evil eye."

Now the grandson of Horus was also named Horus and his eye, the right eye, symbolizes the sun, for his great grandfather, Amon Ra. His left symbolizes the moon, for his mother, Isis, also called Dina. Tammuz, the son of Dummuzi, or Usir, who is falsely called Osiris, whose heart was firm, is not to be mistaken with Enlil, who also bore the title Damuzi. The triumphant, the son of Isis, who is Ishtar, The heir of Osiris, who is really Usir and Dummuzi.
Yahweh was he known by the Hebrew, Ra was his name in Kemet.
And where Nudimmud, known as Enqi, became Set in Kemet.
Where Ishtar became Aset and later Isis. And this Aset and Usir, known as Dummuzi, did give birth to Tammuz, Who was also falsely known as Horus to the Greeks and Har in Kemet
(the original name of Egypt). From this name, Horus, do we get Horus-scope or Horus who scopes the stars of the
heaven; and horizon, which is Horus-rising from the darkest or dead. In Greek it's Huios simply meaning "son." Your raising from the dead or resurrection of the Son of God is born in these facts. He is also known as Ha-Mashiakh in Hebrew, whose father was David, the beloved.

He is known as Christ, the Messiah of the Christians, whose father is Jehovah, Al Masih of the Muhammadans, whose father is Gabriy'EI, the Holy Ghost, El Shaadi in the Torah of Genesis, And Kristos, son of Thehos, in the Evangel of Revelations, Al Shadidu in the Qur'aan. This is what the change in the tongues from Cuneiform, to Akkadian

Then into the many tongues it caused to come into being,
Where names and dates were changed to confuse those who read its babbling. The original Kishite descendants,
migrated from the land of Qodesh, Where in time, they did mix with the seed of Utnafishtim, also called Noah.
Making his genes, perfect by a mixture of the Aluhum and the
Enoshites. Through Utnafishtim's son Ham, Cush the son of Ham was born. This son was named after his Sumer descendants Kish, which is another name for Cush, who he traveled with his brother Mizraim and Phut, leaving the albino Canaan born in the ship, that did hover above the Earth. Canaan, dwelt amongst the disagreeable. Cush, Mitsrayim and Phut crossed through Ashkolam and said of
the Canaanites, who hid what they knew to be true. They were to answer, then in this way, say: "0 you. Al Kaafiruwn. those who conceal that which they know to be the
facts. Right Knowledge. I am not a slave to what you are .6
And you are not a slave for Him. whom I am a slave for. AL ALyuwN ALY AND. And I am not.a slave of what you're a slave for: spook gods. shrines. and Kaabas .. And you are not slaving for him. whom I am slaving for. AL ALYUWN
ALY AND You will have your Diyn. way of life/decision and I will have mine. " Mitsrayim settled northeast. Phut
moved on further west. Kish moved down southward to set
up the land of Kish today, called Nubia "Sudan", and even to Aksum, "Ethiopia", the Land of the Nubuns.


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