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Message Subject self serving poll of the day - Rainbows vs. Unicorns vs. Aliens vs. Global Government vs Truth
Poster Handle Now You Have The Answer
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he was born in 1937. my own father was born in 1934. what did this forgotten generation know?

maybe they saw what the LOST GENERATION DID TO AMERICA with open eyes as children.

[link to www.montgomerycollege.edu]
During the 1920's a group of writers known as "The Lost Generation" gained popularity. The term "the lost generation" was coined by Gertrude Stein who is rumored to have heard her auto-mechanic while in France to have said that his young workers were, "une generation perdue". This refered to the young workers' poor auto-mechanic repair skills. Gertrude Stein would take this phrase and use it to describe the people of the 1920's who rejected American post World War I values.
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