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Message Subject self serving poll of the day - Rainbows vs. Unicorns vs. Aliens vs. Global Government vs Truth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

i thought the gays were for rainbows?!?!

i'm so confused.

 Quoting: Now You Have The Answer

Are YOU gay OPie?

Why do you preach for the gays?

The rainbow was a sign of the promise to never destroy the world by flood ever again. Why do you think like gay people? Why do you stand WITH THEM? Can gay people create a rainbow? Is that what you believe? Explain that silliness if you can.

God never gave the rainbow or the unicorn to them, yet you are defending what you claim is theirs.

I already showed you, plain as day, that the unicorn exists, yet you act like you cannot accept that. The "unicorn" is what we call a rhinoceros, plain and simple.

What are you scared of, OPie? Scared that you might be gay?

Unicorns gay...hahahahaha

Truth really is stranger than fiction...

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