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Message Subject self serving poll of the day - Rainbows vs. Unicorns vs. Aliens vs. Global Government vs Truth
Poster Handle Now You Have The Answer
Post Content
I thought about this thread for a long time.
Yes, I too wondered how Unicorns and Rainbows could ever be at odds with each other, but after much deep introspection I realize, there can only be one. For if a unicorn came into our world, it's magical nature would literally suck the rainbows into it's spiralling horn. This 'energy' is what unicorns feed on, as they have no earthy food to sustain their glorious radiance.

Aliens on the other hand are simply bat shit crazy.

Global governance is always for our own good, and how else will they clean up the radiation and oil, and shit stained underwear every American has soiled ever since 9/11? That's a lot of skid marks at airports, train stations, and any Government building or function. ONLY GLOBAL GOVERNMENT can provide the needed organization to restore the world, and our underwear to it's original, pristine condition.

And truth. That's just stupid. We all know your truth and my truth are different so, fuck you.

COME ON GLP.. I need your help ushering in whatever magical fun awaits us in these terrorfying days ahead.
 Quoting: I Don't Have The Answer

1rof1 at the unicorns and rainbows

alien16 You are right about the aliens

Idol1 I understand where you are coming form on the Global Gov, but I already know that there are going to be lots of replies here about your choice of words. I have not read all of them yet... I was cracking up when I got to the skid marks LOL! Seriously though, a global governance system is the only option for a fully functional advanced society. We must approach this carefully, VERY carefully, and with love in our hearts and minds; towards others and the land.

bsflag Truth is what we need first before we can even consider moving forward as a "people" or "society".
I think the truth must come naturally to each individual.
 Quoting: SpiralOut12

that was my whole point about one world gov't.. how can we EVER have a system of control that isn't purely evil if from it's inception the people supposedly 'agreeing' to be part of the system HAVE ZERO UNDERSTANDING AS TO HOW THE POWER STRUCTURE OF THE PLANET REALLY EXISTS.

if you say to people... u do realize there people who have so much power and wealth, they are part of the 'super class' that has no affiliation with any particular national government. they are truly above government... at this point the average joe looks at ... one eyebrow goes up and you can forget about asking him to lend you 20 dollars or do you any kind of favor at all as he's now convinced your bat shit crazy. but this is the truth. common sense demands it's the truth.. but until 'they' are ready to come out from below the rocks their hiding in and go public, they will continue to make there moves from behind the scenes.. so any 1 world gov't will still have this ruling class on top... and if it's a ONE WORLD SYSTEM... how can they ever be removed from power??? they're the ones who are the force driving it into being...

sadly this is too much logic for the general public.. they are just figuring out the economy is never getting better.

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