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Message Subject self serving poll of the day - Rainbows vs. Unicorns vs. Aliens vs. Global Government vs Truth
Poster Handle Now You Have The Answer
Post Content
my best friend, John is gay. I love all of God's creation.

Why do you think you can judge others?

Is your slate clean?

and for your info, i have a girlfriend who has helped me very much in this world, i love her and God willing I will be with her in this world for many days to come.

Love always.
 Quoting: Now You Have The Answer

You are the one judging others by suggesting rainbows and unicorns are gay, pal.

When did I ever judge others? I was addressing the subject. I was attempting to show you truth concerning these matters. You judge yourself by perpetuating these myths. I corrected you is all. If you feel judged then you judge yourself.

Did you notice in the last video you posted that it seems like the gay people are MOCKING the unicorns? Why would that be? They also mock the rainbow by using six colors instead of seven, which is always the case.

Why must you believe the lie that is put forth by gay people?

Are you going to stand with them, or with the truth?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16701148

i'm sorry. i just reread your comment and realized your were dead serious. lol i have to admit, i'm completely ignorant of the spiritual significance of rainbows, and unicorns. i just like the 'unicorns dancing on rainbows' song and wanted to make a thread to have the excuse to play it. in all honesty, i listen to that song about 10 times a day. FACT.
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