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Message Subject The Republican Party and the Death of America
Poster Handle Alien Commander Omd I
Post Content
It has often been said that Democrats stand for big
government and there is some truth to this; But given the
choice who would you rather have in control, Government or
money fat Billionaires whose sole purpose is to enslave you
to their money?
 Quoting: Angel of Justice 747739

Is there a difference? Both are so knotted together I say there is not, furthermore This is not the result of one political party as an independent thats easily recognizable. To place blame on repubs when demos have a rather high income themselves is a seriously flawed view on the reality of our political system. The true problem comes from campaign funding and the fact that most of our 'representives' are not a true representation of the people whatsoever.
 Quoting: PlasticDuck

But now, today, there is a big difference and its the super-rich for the most part
funding Republicans and that is especially true when it comes to campaign funding.
Government of the people; for the people and by the people is becoming government of big
money, for big money and by big money. You tell me there is no difference there. And when
you quote from Orwell's "Animal Farm" I remember reading that book -- the pigs
had complete control! And the rest didn't like it!
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