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Message Subject The Republican Party and the Death of America
Poster Handle Alien Commander Omd I
Post Content
If only every conservative were forced to understand the law of conservation implicitly as it relates to entropy, they might actually stand for something.

Until then, they'll continue to be slaves to their own baseless patriotism and nothing more.
 Quoting: AGC

Being 'slaves to their own baseless patriotism' doesn't
bother me and I suppose many of them think they really
represent patriotism BUT what I'm trying to say is
their patriotism is based on the foolish premise that
'free-market' capitalism is by its very nature patriotic
when the recent market crash and real estate bust in 2008
proves nothing could be further from the truth. And what
worries me the most is given the opportunity we will all
become slaves to the billionaires and the lackeys who
support the current right-wing Republican {Tea Party} agenda.

Whatever you think about Obama and the Democrats, if you
have been following what has been going on in Congress
it is obvious that the Republican Party is most
responsible for dividing this country along class and
money lines - a division so sharp that is threatens the
stability of the country.
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