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Message Subject The Republican Party and the Death of America
Poster Handle Alien Commander Omd I
Post Content
One of the very first blogs on the internet and still fantastic.

[link to www.bartcop.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23756616

Interesting website. Problem is too large a percentage of
the voting public is essentially brain dead. Those on the
political right will not read or listen to any politics
that oppose favorite policies of great BS artists of theirs
such as El Rushi {Rush Limbaugh} who keeps feeding them
BS while he smokes his ten dollar a stick cigars and blows
smoke up their you know what. Has anyone noticed that the
current Republican party has become the extremists and
servant of billionaire capitalists whose only agenda
is to 'own' the US literally and to enslave the population
to their money? And the lies they feed the public to achieve
their selfish goals get better all the time. One poster
here said the Democrats were Communists! The Communists
were another group of political mobsters who used the
sick philosophy of Karl Marx to enslave the people to
the state; very much like the conservative right that
wants to enslave the population to their money, banks,
and Wall Street special interests.
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