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Message Subject The Republican Party and the Death of America
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Did you watch the debate? Nothing new. Both candidates
repeating what you see over and over in the political
commercials. However one point made again by Romney on his
desire to shrink government {accept the military} is worth
stressing. If in a still weak economy where like it or
not the government is the biggest employer and biggest
payer of salaries in the US, to suddenly cut back on
government would be a disaster and could easily create
a major depression. What happens to those suddenly
un-employed government workers? Does Romney really expect
us to believe that there will be a magical renaissance of
business hiring that will compensate? Not in this world.
Unless Romney has an ace up his sleeve. Maybe he wants to
create another war to take up the un-employed his policies
would create. I could understand how some people may not
be satisfied with Obama because the economy is still not
100% but he inherited a problem left by the previous
administration and was dealing with a big handicap in that
the sole purpose of the Republican party for the last four
years has been to re-take the white house and congress to further their totally one sided big business agenda so the
millionaires and billionaires like Romney can get richer
still. Today's Republican party is a party of economic pigs.
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