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Message Subject The Republican Party and the Death of America
Poster Handle Angel of Justice
Post Content
"What I find fascinating is the number of Reagan republicans who've made serious anti-republican statements in the last 8 years. It started with one of Reagan's chief economic advisers who wrote an amazing piece in Forbes about how "The republican party has destroyed America".

Then just a few months ago another one of Reagan's economic geniuses, the guy know as "the father of trickle-down economics", said basically the same thing.

Charlie Crist left the party and speaks out against them now.

and there are many many more.

Seriously, I don't understand how anybody who is not a multimillionaire immoral lying sack of shit greedy pig faced white male could vote republican."

Well said!

Did you see the Biden / Ryan debate? Biden pulled no punches
and appeared to win on substance and points.
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