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Message Subject 90 percent of Americans are retarded useless eaters who deserve to be killed off by the Illuminati
Poster Handle MARsSPEED
Post Content
80 percent of the Americans here are FUCKING RETARDS.

YOu guys keep saying "Obama, obama obama".

Are you too goddamn stupid to understand that OBAMA IS A PUPPET and that the GLOBAL ELITE OR ILLUMINATI are the real controllers and are orchestrating all of this?

Who gives a SHIT about Obama. He's a fucking PUPPET with no power at all, just like Bush, Clinton, Romney, etc.

Politicians are simply puppets, they are not the real controllers.

I can't believe you people are still THIS FUCKING STUPID. I realized all of this like 10 years ago. And yet you fucking retards still haven't woke up?

I hope you Americans all burn in fucking hell. You are such evil, stupid, brainwashed, ignorant people.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23692499

You are an uneducated dick fuck who wishes death on innocent people. The only retard her is you. GO FUCK YOURSELF!
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