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The Reptilian Nakhash

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09/13/2012 12:37 PM
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The Reptilian Nakhash
Lo! Now all was done. Kadmon was placed in this Enclosed Garden of Delight for a special reason. He was to know about all the things in the garden, And he was to inform his mate, Nekaybaw, about all the things in the garden,

And all the laws of the garden, and about the nature of the Reptilians. Yet, this being Kadmon, forgot to inform his mate of this being, who is a Reptilian. He takes many forms to deceive and beguile humans. In his forgetfulness they did fall; and he became known as Zakar, "The one that did not remember" the first laws. Nekaybaw, meaning "tribal leader," for his tribe, through him, was to be ruled by her tribe. So she was suppose to be ruler. This Kadmon and Nekaybaw were not the first Adamites on the planet Earth, There were Adamites, or people of the ground, living on Earth long before Kadmon and Nekaybaw, they were the first experiment from the Homo Erectus into Homo Sapiens, that was done by the scientists Enqi and Mother Ninti. In fact, anyone who lived and originated on earth are Adamites, for it merely means "earthling, Adamah. "

I, Kadmon, successor of Atum and Lillith, and my confidante, Nekaybaw, as newly created beings, obeyed A'LYUN A'LYUN EL Most Glorified and Exalted's words, They lived symbolically 450,000, years in the enclosed garden, which is rounded off to 500 years, without approaching the forbidden tree. But Nakhash, Haylal, son of Shakhar, also known as Dawn, curse be upon him, wandered constantly on the
outskirts of Gan, the Enclosed Garden of Delight. Resolving to lead us, supreme beings-new race--into the hands of
Naana, who is Sin. Because he was denied admission into the enclosed garden, He was constantly seeking a covert
way to enter Gan. But the east gates were shut to Nakhash,. And his residence was 20 miles outside of this Enclosed Garden of Delight. And it was guarded by the agreeable
Aluhum Rudwaan, son of Azari'El and Rafiki'El, peace be upon you and the mercy of El Eloh.

The Creatures In The Enclosed Garden Of Delight

There were two other creatures also placed in Gan. One was the Peacock Thukkiac, known as Ashnan, who really
symbolizes a beautiful young lady, She, Thukkiac, known as Ashnan, was an agreeable Aluhum. She was of one of the schools of Zodoq. Ashnan was responsible for the grain and
sustenance of the enclosed garden. The other one was the Taniyn, Dragon, as a symbol of Tiamat, the serpent. The beautiful woman, Thukkiac, known as, Ashnan, who was the finest of all the birds of the enclosed garden, came out of Gan, one blessed day out of inquisitiveness. Her beauty could be likened to emeralds and pearls. And because her voice was so enchanting, she was appointed to sing the praise of A'LYUN A'LYUN EL, The Most High Glorified And Exalted, Which was the job of Nakhash before he fell. But first he, Nakhash went to the white bird, Arzy'El, who said: "You will not enter me." So he went to the black bird, Basy'El, who also said, "No!" Then the red bird, Sire, she too said: "No!" All these birds came from the same school as the beautiful woman came from, and that beautiful woman was Thukkiac ."

Nakhash Deceives Thukkiac Who Is Also Known As Ashnan

One day while observing the beautiful woman, Thukkiac, who is also known as Ashnan-who Nakhash hated,
Nakhash, said to himself: "Doubtlessly, this beautiful bird must be Vam.'1 Perhaps I may be able to persuade her to usher me into Gan secretly. " Determinedly, he waited until the beautiful woman had gone so far from the east gates,
That she no longer could be overheard by Rudwaan, may El Eloh send peace upon him, and the other Aluhum that protected Gan, And when she was within reach, he whispered to the beautiful woman. This is how he got the name Nakhash, The Whisperer. "You are the most wonderful and
beautiful of all birds of the enclosed garden." "I am?" she answered. "But who are you who seemed frightened as if
someone did pursue you?" "I am one of those Aluhum Sarufaat
who was appointed to sing the praise of A'LYUN A'LYUN EL, Most Glorified And Exalted. But I have slipped away, for just an instant, to visit the enclosed garden, which the Aluhum prepared for the faithful. Will you conceal me under your beautiful wing so I may re-enter Gan?" requested Nakhash. "Why should I commit an act which would bring the displeasure of the Aluhum Most Glorified and Exalted, upon me?" Asked the beautiful woman. "Fear not, take me with you
charming bird, And I will teach you three mysterious words,
Which shall preserve you from sickness, Age and death," replied Nakhash.

"Must then the inhabitants of the enclosed garden die?" she asked. "All with the exception of those who know the three words which I possess," replied Nakhash. "Are you speaking the truth?" asked the beautiful woman. "Indeed I am."
replied Nakhash. The beautiful woman could not conceive of any creature swearing falsely by the Creator, thus she had faith in him. Now fearing that Rudwaan, may EI Eloh send peace upon him, who guarded the east gate of the enclosed garden, might search her, Nakhash swiftly said unto the
beautiful woman: "Rudwaan is a deceiver, trust in me; Let me put my lips against you. I will inhale as you exhale and I will house your spirit. Fear nothing," said Nakhash, "I will utter holy names that shall render Rudwaan speechless." The beautiful woman, trustingly, placed her lips against Nakhash for a kiss, as he blew his evil spirit into the beautiful woman's mouth, As she wrestled with Nakhash and with his spirit, she was engulfed. When they passed Rudwaan, he was unable to utter a sound.

With the success of this promise, the beautiful woman opened her mouth expecting Nakhash to resume to his
natural state. But Nakhash preferred to remain where he was, and to speak to me, Kadmon, from the beautiful woman's mouth. Nakhash, who now disguised himself as the beautiful woman, succeeded in the re-entry; where he witnessed the beautiful serpent.

Nakhash Deceives Taniyn

In the enclosed garden also lived the dragon called Taniyn; it was the one who confirmed the lie of Nakhash, so it received the curse of Taniyn was a pet that was given to
Nekaybaw from her friend, Anat, daughter of Udum and Mami, the rulers of Qodesh, before she entered the enclosed garden. Taniyn was the ruler of the beasts. Her head was like rubies and her eyes like emeralds. Her skin shone like the mirrors of various hues. As for Anat, her hair was short and woolly like that of the noble virgins and her form resembled the stable camel. Her breath was sweet like musk, and sandalwood, And her words were songs of praise. She fed on saffron and her resting place was on the borders of the beautiful rivers in the enclosed garden called
Shafu'ane, which the Muhammadans call Kawthar. Taniyn was created symbolically 1,000 years before me, Kadmon, and it
was destined to be the playmate of Nekaybaw. Nakhash, shrewdly knowing that Taniyn was created 1,000 years before me, Kadmon, and destined to be my mate Nekaybaw's Playmate, He, Nakhash, said to himself, "This creature must be more devious than I, in order to remain in eternal youth and vigor. She would undoubtedly dare the displeasure of Rudwaan, may El Eloh, send peace upon him, at the price of my three valuable words." He was inevitably right in his conjectures, For no sooner had he informed the T aniyn of this adventure, she exclaimed, "Can it be so? Shall I be visited by death?

Shall my breath expire, and my tongue be paralyzed and my limbs become impotent? Shall my eyes and ears be closed at
shadow hours? Will this noble form of mine, shall it perish to dust? Never! Never! Teach me the 3 mystenes, And if Rudwaan's wrath would be like upon me, I will hasten to The Aluhum Sarufaat, And still I will disguise you throughout the enclosed garden." The Taniyn then opened her mouth, Nakhash flew into it and seated himself in the hollow part of her teeth, poisoning them to all eternity, venom. Even though Taniyn disagreed, and felt deceived, She consented from fear of the Anunnagi, but more so for her desire to obtain the 3 mysterious words. In Gan, Nakash disguised as Taniyn, had succeeded in accomplishing another
disagreeable act. Lurking in Gan for the opportune
moment, he seduced my mate Nekaybaw.

Nakhash Deceives Nekaybaw

Appearing to Nekaybaw as her playmate, Nakhash began to sigh. "Why are you so cast down? Why has your countenance dropped so low?" asked Nekaybaw who thought this to be
her playmate. The voice of the Taniyn with Nakhash in her chest sighed again, "I am exhausted for the destiny of
you and your mate." "Why? Do we not possess in Gan

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09/13/2012 12:55 PM
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Re: The Reptilian Nakhash
haha, this is like a bible fan fiction!
I color the world in the hues of my Madness!

An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded.

The road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom...for we never know what is enough until we know what is more than enough.
Anonymous Coward
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09/13/2012 01:27 PM
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Re: The Reptilian Nakhash
would you go out with NACKAS, NACHESGH Nakhash.

I cant be bothered. Its all balls. I would give her one though but fec it. Would you. Its like there was loads of horney lizzards
Usacuracao (OP)

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09/13/2012 01:27 PM
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Re: The Reptilian Nakhash
all that we desire?" exclaimed Nekaybaw.
"True," said Nakhash, his voice dropped to a whisper. "Yet the best of fruits from Gan and the only one which can portray you perfect of wisdom in life and death, is
denied you; all the rest of them would afford you no pleasure." "Do you know the reason why this fruit has been denied us?" Asked Nekaybaw.

"I do," answered Nakhash, "and it is precisely this knowledge which fills my heart with care. All the fruits which are given to you are endowed with the calamities of
weakness, disease, old age, and death. This is the cessation of life. The forbidden fruit alone bestows eternal
youth and vigor." "You have never spoken of these
things until now beloved Taniyn, Where have you derived this
knowledge,?" asked Nekaybaw?

"An Anunnagi of the green light, whom I met under the forbidden tree, informed me of it," said Nakhash.
"I too want this knowledge. I will speak with this Anunnagi." On that instant, Nekaybaw left her tent, and hurried toward the forbidden tree called Kaysum, Sizen, or Shaziy "to be splintered." Each fruit cluster contained 15,000 thousand grains. Nakhash, who knew of Nekaybaw's curiosity, Sprang out of the Taniyn's mouth and stood under the tree, In the shape of an Anunnagi--Sama'EI by name-with a human face.

"Who are you, singular being, whose likes I have never seen?" Nekaybaw inquired "I was a man, but have become an
Anunnagi Aluhum of light, Father of The Illuminated Ones,"
he replied. "By what means?" she asked. Profoundly, he began to speak in a whisper. "By eating of this blessed fruit of which I am envious, The Anunnagi Most Glorified and
Exalted, had forbidden me to taste, And for 6,000 years I submitted to his command until I felt the pain of death."
He, then transformed himself into an old wrinkled and frail man. "My eyes lost their luster and grew dim. My ears could no longer hear the sounds of nature. My teeth decayed and I could neither eat without pain, nor speak without discretion. My hands trembled, my feet shook, My head hung down upon my breast, I lost a sense of touch and a sense
of love. My back was bent. At last, my whole appearance
became a frightful sight so that all the inhabitants of the enclosed garden flew from me. This is called, the age of death. I then longed for death, and expected to meet it." Nakhash then asked her, "Do you want your mate, Kadmon, to be young and handsome forever?

Or do you want him to die of old age? But by betaking of this fruit, I became as strong, and as beautiful first.
Though many thousands of years have elapsed since, I am not sensitive to the slightest change, Neither in my appearance or in my energIes, And I have the gift of the wisdom of he who created you, And this tree is a very delightful tasting tree. Here, taste id" "Is this the truth?" asked Nekaybaw.
"Is it not pleasant to your eyes? It can restore all beauty." But at the pause of each breath as Nekaybaw would look away in thought, his real form would appear as a Halaabean, Flugelrod, with the body of a snake wrapped around a tree. "Is it good for food, is it the best of
spices, of herbs? It will keep your body healthy? It is not mysterious to all of us. It will give you wisdom, and you
know not of your will. You shall become filled with joy,
as in your youth. By El Eloh, Most Glorified and Exalted, who created me, I do speak the truth," Nakhash says, speaking deceitfully. The Disagreeable Act It was then Nekaybaw trusted him, and betook of the intoxicating fruit,
And immediately began to feel the pain of pleasure running through her body. She, in the state of intoxication,
deceived herself into thinking she was wiser, younger, more beautiful, and could never die.

Finding it more pleasant than all that she had ever tasted, Nekaybaw took one piece and presented it to me, Kadmon. I, Kadmon, resisted and proceeded to argue with Nekaybaw for 1 entire hour of years in Earth time in the enclosed garden.
I, Kadmon, observed the joy on Nekaybaw's face, The humor she felt, And the beauty she felt she portrayed. Finally, I yielded to her opportunity, And ate the second grain, which
Nekaybaw had concealed constantly within her hand. At the touch of the forbidden fruit against my lips, The intake of the intoxicants from the poppy seed, My crown rose towards the skies, All of my fingers, and the countenance of my robes dropped from kingship to man;
From ruler to slave;
From guardian to guarded;
From leader to follower;
From wise to fooled;
From giver to taker;
And from supreme being to human being.
Nakedness appeared to our eyes, and obvious were our naked states, and we began having sexual intercourse, while inside this habitat called the enclosed garden, which was against the command of ANU. The throne which had been erected for us in the tent, chased us away, and
cried" rebels depart." The Maymuwn, unicorn, (one
horned creature) upon which I attempted to fly, Would not suffer me to mount it, Kadmon asked, "Have you kept
the covenant of the Anunnagi Most Glorified and Exalted?"
All the creatures of the enclosed garden had then turned from us, and besought the Anunnagi Most Glorified and Exalted, to remove the human pair from the special spot in Gan.

The Anunnagi Most Glorified and Exalted addressed me in the voice of thunder: "Were you not commanded to abstain from the fruit, and were you forewarned of the cunningness of
Nakhash, your foe?" I, Kadmon, attempted to flee,
because I heard the Anunnagi walking and talking in midday, while Nekaybaw and I indulged in a sexual act, that was
taught to us by Haylal; and we enjoyed ourselves very much, for we did conceive that pleasure to be a gift. We were placed inside this habitat to be observed by the four Anunnagi scientists: Enqi, Ninti, Nergal and his
wife Areshkigal.

Our sexual act displeased ANU, A'LYUN A'LYUN EL.
But we felt this new feeling we later found out was shame, when the Anunnagi found our hiding place, while the 24 Yahwehans were walking in the garden, and one of the Yah, Enlilites spoke out and said, "What is this that you are doing, and who taught you about this?'
But I was hid by the branches of the tree called "Talh."
Nekaybaw, my mate, would have followed, but she too was entangled by her own hair, as well as the branches, While the voice behind the tree exclaimed: "From the wrath of The Anunnagi Most Glorified and Exalted, there is no escape.
Submit to their divine decree, leave this Enclosed Garden. The Enclosed Garden continued its toil of wrath, yea, both of you creatures who have been seduced to transgress.

The Curse

By the sweat of your brow you shall earn your bread, And the curse of blood shall be on the hands of Nekaybaw; By each month shall her body yield blood. You will become blood and work until your brow sweats. And Nakhash and his sons will also become blood, To deceive the Adamites, and their sons, the Enoshites; Be ever watchful of him and his
sons and daughters, the Black Devils. I too will watch them until your earliest bloodline, has come to their final day. Even Nekaybaw shall be visited by the 4 quarters of the moon with the blood of Kadmon, She has crucified him with all kinds of sickness. Humans born of women will have sicknesses. And she shall bear children in pain. The beautiful woman Thukkiac shall be deprived of her voice in
song, she will say nothing from this day forward.

Taniyn shall be deprived of its legs and beautiful decor.
Their school shall no longer be held up in respect, they shall worship Sama'EI, that is Haylal, son of Shakar, and this school of Tiamat, the Satan or Serpent is The Spell of Sleep or Leviathan casted by Zu, with the chant 'Zig Zag Zig. 'Religion is the trap. Many of the seed of Kadmon will
be in his religion. The darkest covert, the Nuwaubians, of the planet Earth shall be its dust for food, The Taniyn thus shall eat Kadmon's dust for food. All his seed,
Adamites and Enosites. To kill a Taniyn brings 7 fold a
reward. But Nakhash shall depart in eternal pain and hell. He will fail in this undertaking.
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09/13/2012 01:31 PM
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Re: The Reptilian Nakhash
haha, this is like a bible fan fiction!
 Quoting: Kharnifex

Thank you for your REMARKS, this is LIKE the BIBLE or WHY not change it THIS LOOKS like COPIED to make the BIBLE.

Many things in the BIBLE are made stories, not the TRUTH completly.

And also remember we still have the REPTILIAN RACE and the GREYS and many other races on our EARTH, controlling us still. Did you also read that ADAM and EVE were BLACK skinned not WHITE.

BUT thank you for your Suggestion.

Have a nice day.
Anonymous Coward
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09/13/2012 01:34 PM
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Re: The Reptilian Nakhash
Just as I thought, more boneing.

Thanks for the post, vey absorbing :-!
Usacuracao (OP)

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09/13/2012 02:03 PM
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Re: The Reptilian Nakhash
The Three Of Them Were Cast Out

Kadmon, and Nekaybaw were hurled out of the enclosed garden. Kadmon and Nekaybaw consequently snatched a leaf from one of the trees, wherewith to cover themselves. Kadmon was cast out of the east gate of repentance, in which this taught him that he might return through that same way, then he ran and hid in a cave. Nekaybaw was cast out through the west gate of wrath. But Nakhash was cast out through the north gate of the cursed, destined was he.

And the gate was shut and a Garubaat stood by it, bearing a 2 edged sword, which is a sharp tongue, he who would ask you questions that you must be able to answer to re-enter the gate. Its form was horrible, that of a Halaabean, Flugelrod, for he had pale, blue eyes and yellow hair, like string. His skin was without color and he
had faces turning in every way. He was of the lesser beings, the defected breed, bred to rule the Earth for 8,400 years, earth time, grafted from the demonic Hindus before the birth of Kadmon. Gan was cast asunder by the anger of the Anunnagi Most Glorified and Exalted, and he became barren, A desert.

One day to yield the rich soil, that would give back to Kadmon, and his descendants, its throne and glory. This desert soil will yield the rich black oil, which will make its land most sought after and respected. Kadmon and Nekaybaw reunited after 100 years of the old time and they
both cried until they met at the same place that they did that shameful act, and it became known as Arafat, which is
today located in Saudia Arabia, for they knew each other there sexually before the appointed time. From there they went to Bakka at the gate, and they tried to grab hold of a
leaf from Gan. Once the Anunnagi Most Glorified and Exalted, spoke in thunder: "Each period of your year, the half of Sha'ub, (Sha'baan) shall your descendants names be written on a leaf. On that same tree which is "The
Tree Of Life" which you reached for, shall be shaken, and those leaves fall, be

they prepared or unprepared. This tree is symbolic of all that lived each year, a record of who will die. So be prepared, with 100 prostrations in Taful and much remembrance, meditation and reciting, reading, for that full shadow hour. Do not let sleep over take you, or you shall return to us for judgment." Stay awake through that night. Those that don't without good reason, as in health shall be judged as uncaring. Because of this act, which you have committed with distress and pain each human will begin to wrinkle, which will be a sign of your regret. When Kadmon and Nekaybaw were put out of the enclosed garden,
Kadmon and Nekaybaw began growing away from each other out of anger, accusing one another for their wrong.

They went in different directions and didn't communicate symbolically for 1,000 years; what seems to them, the
Anunnagi, a lifetime, 1,000 years, which is one day of earth time. The 100 years of separation seemed like 1000 years to them, as in 1 day is equal to 1000 years to the Yahwehans. Up until their crying could be heard by each other. Kadmon's, voice traveling from the east wind, and Nekaybaw's from the west wind; On Nekaybaw hearing it, she
placed her hands over her face, which women will do in despair.

Kadmon, put his right hand on his beard, for the original man did not grow hair on their face-only those beast men, the Enkiduites grew hair all over their body. Kadmon being the mixed seed of Hindu, did grow hair on his face, 7 112 to 8 ether; making him an Asiatic Black Man, a disagreeable Hindu--the first human devil on earth as opposed to the
beast--in human form, a Flugelrod. And he tightened his brow, which is also the custom of men in sorrow and confusion.

All of nature wept with them. The birds, beasts, insects, which fled from Kadmon, by reason of his sin of consuming of the forbidden tree, were touched by their lamentations;
And they, came to manifest sympathy for their moaning, groaning, and their crying. First came the locust, so last shall be the locust. The entire universe, All created beings from the smallest insect to the Anunnagi, who
held the world in one hand, Were weeping with Kadmon.

Gabriy'El Zodoq Is Sent To Kadmon

ANU, A'LYUN A'L YUN EL, Most Glorified and Exalted, sent
Gabriy, son of El Eloh, gaining the title, The Yielder, The Merciful, for he is the revelation bearer. Gabriy'El, came to Kadmon, with these words: "I seek the forgiveness of ANU,
A'LYUN A'LYUN EL, my Rabb, for all the deeds 1 have committed, 1 repent to him." These words were destined to save all the news bearers, And all of the mortals.
As soon as Kadmon, had pronounced these words with a patient
heart, The power of the skies opened to him and Gabriy'EI said:

"AND, who is also known as EI Eloh the Source and the Exalted, has accepted your repentance. Give gratitude to AND, EI Eloh and he will grant all your requests, and
even restore you to the enclosed garden at the appointed time." Kadmon, called out, "Defend me against the future tricks, And flattery of my foe Nakhash." AND Most Glorified and Exalted replied: "Say continually, there is no Allah,A'LYUN A'L YUN EL except AND, A'LYUN A'LYUN EL, and you shall wound Nakhash with a poison arrow." Kadmon, asked: "Will not meat, and drink of the planet and its dwelling ensnare me?" "Drink water, eat clean vegetables, for they shall be your meat. Avoid eating the flesh of other animals. All food should be prepared in the name of Allah Most Glorified and Exalted, and you should build holy temples by their abode. Nakhash shall have no power over you, and he shall also build holy temples if you follow these things." Kadmon asked: "But what if he pursues me with evil thoughts, and dreams in the shadow hour?" "Then rise from your resting spot and call out to ANU, A'LYUN A'LYUN EL Most Glorified and Exalted." Kadmon asked: "0 ANU, Most Glorified And Exalted, how shall I always distinguish between agreeable and disagreeable?" "I will grant you my guidance, 2 angelic beings shall dwell in your heart,


One to warn you against sin, disagreeable act. The other to lead you to the practice of agreeable living. Two counterparts shall forever watch your slips, your slides, your doubts, and your questions, and this is your WILL. Four points by 2. Look at your fingers? Hold up your first 2 fingers, 4 points by 2. 2 pointing up and 2 pointing below, "as above so below." Kadmon asked: "Oh, AND Most Glorified and Exalted, assure me of your pardon, also
of my future deeds." "Thus, you can only gain by the
works of righteousness. I shall punish disagreeable deeds at once, and reward 7 fold for the agreeable which you shall

Miyka'El Is Sent To Nekaybaw

At this time the Anunnagi Miyka'EI was sent to Nekaybaw, announcing to her the mercy of the Anunnagi. Nekaybaw said: "I am weak in heart, and in mind, to fight against my deeds." "AND, A'LYUN A'LYUN EL
Most Glorified And Exalted, has you feeling shame, and through its power, you shall subdue your passions, even as
man conquers his own faith." Nekaybaw asked: "And who shall
protect me against the powers of mortals if Nakhash decides to come my way?"

"Truth, testing spirits of truth. Benot fooled not by the men, who looklike men, but have the mind of Nakhash, human devils." Nekaybaw asked: "Who shall protect me against the powers of Nakhash?" "He who is not only strong in
body and mind, but whom all the rulers prefers, a trustworthy person, an honest person. His love, and compassion towards you which I have put in his heart, I will make you aware of his presence." Nekaybaw asked: "Is it true that ANU, Most Glorified and Exalted, will
grant me no other token of his favor?" "You shall be rewarded through all the pain of motherhood, And if you do pass in childbearing, you shall be a spiritual Martyr. Seek you Kadmon, and be with him as one flesh." Lo! ANU, A'LYUN A'LYUN EL Most Glorified and Exalted said: "When death visits you, my Anunnagi Enqi, who bore the title
Izraa'EI, will come for your soul." When Nekaybaw spoke, and proceeded to say: "And what of Nakhash?"

The Seed Of Nakhash

The seed of Nakhash will be at the end of your genes, as an albino. Their vision is darkened, for they also existed before the light of this world, their souls and intellect are gone. They have been cut off. The hair of their first one's heads are to be like the color of fire, yellow, 6
ether. Their eyes will be blue, with the body of apes, and they will live in holes of mountains, covered with hair.

They will be like reeds, there is no death in which they live. Each of them will have 6 skins. They will have snakes of fire in their bellies, and their voices will have the sound of the cry of wild beasts; high as the pipes of Ban who is also called Pan. They will kill for no reason, yet,
they will rule the planet Earth for 6,000 Earth years after Utnafishtim, who is also called Noah, son of Lamech, Son of Methuselah, son of Enoch, Son of Jared, son of Enos, Son of Seth, son of Kadmon, son of Atum. They will win the souls of many of Kadmon's children. They will eat from his hand, willingly and serve him, Drink of his grapes, become alcoholic for him, remove their garb to be as he; strip naked for him, and blind their eyes by his games. The female of Haylal's seed will remove the females of Kadmon' s seed. Men will seek to be with Nakhash's seed. For they want what they want; they want to be as Anaq, wife of
But in one day will light and the fire come, and light for those stern against Anak, also said in tones Anaq, wife of Nakhash. Fire for those who follow her, Anaq, wife of Nakhash. For it was Kadmon, who asked for the intoxication fruit of the enclosed garden of delight. Call the Anunnagi Rudwaan to provide him, Kadmon with his wish,
Yet Nakhash watched on as

Kadmon, called unto me saying: "I, Kadmon, wished to have the fruit of the garden, so ANU Most Glorified and Exalted sent down to me two seeds: One to grow the white grape, and
the other to grow the black grape." Kadmon, planted these seeds, and 2 grapevines grew, and as the grapes become ripe, Nakhash, wished to have one for himself. Nakhash seized one and raised a wall around it to protect it from me. I, Kadmon, then asked him what right he had to construct a wall around the grape tree. Nakhash replied that, these trees were really meant for him and not me.
I, Kadmon replied to him that he was not speaking the truth, which was the nature of Nakhash. After Nakhash agreed, and after he honored the decision, he replied: "0 let us ask the Anunnagi Miyka'El," who upon hearing this,
threw forth his hand holding the shoba, staff, and sent forth a fire towards the tree. As a result it consumed the trees. I, Kadmon, thought that the tree had been totally burnt. And Nakhash had the same impression, at which time the two birds rose up from the fire; One, the raven and the other the dove, and away both of them flew. The nature of will is hidden in these 2. The dove representing Gabriy'El, and the raven representing Nakhash. Both stem from two of the same nature, the grape-be it white or black. The white grape is symbolic of Nakhash, and the black grape is

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09/13/2012 02:20 PM
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Re: The Reptilian Nakhash
When i was looking at cr22oly he had this trance shit and talked to some poxy demon. your demon allegedly said some sh about quote'and i shall bray his testicles'the fu. mad git. but that alien drawing is the shit. fukin alien
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Re: The Reptilian Nakhash
symbolic of myself, Kadmon, because from the black grape comes wine as red as the blood of Kadmon, And from the green grape comes white wine, as the white blood of the
wound, the pus of the sore of the skin disease leprosy called Abrus or Tsawrah'ath.

For all the agreeable Anunnagi are of the violet light, in Malakuwt and the green light, in Naasuwt, And all the sons of Kadmon are of red blood; Thus, we named him A =
"Life, "Dam = "Blood or Kadmon" and his mate Hawwah, which means mother of all living, of the seed of Kadmon; for
in them was life. In the blood flows life, and the life
has the light of each man, the pure green light.
So the commandment that the Anunnagi, Most Glorified and Exalted, gave us, that we should not betake of the fruit,
Was really the determining factor whether or not we should keep this eternal life in this world, as well as in the spiritual, or should we go into death. Upon which I, Kadmon, did take of the fruit, and I was destined to die.
I, Kadmon, had no reason to be disobedient.
A'LYUN A'LYUN EL Most Glorified and Exalted has already given the power to his Anunnagi to put everything in the enclosed garden. We were not deprived or in need of any type of food or drink, because everything was there in abundance. We were given no test that we couldn't pass,
and all that was asked of us by the Anunnagi, was to be obedient!!!

The obedience would have shown that we appreciated A'LYUN
A'LYUN EL Most Glorified And Exalted, and then we would be able to regain this eternal life.

The Description Of Kadmon And Nekaybaw

Kadmon was 7ft tall and of slender build. He had black almond shape eyes and a long, narrow face and nose. He
had thin lips, black 7 112 to 8 ether hair, and a deep widow's peek. He had a very dark, reddish-brown complexion.
Nekaybaw was 4ft tall of lighter complexion. She had 7,000 long braids in her 9 ether hair. Nekaybaw had a broad face with a wide nose and thick lips. It was destined that the descendants of Kadmon, And Nekaybaw would have
a variety of characteristics between the 2 extremes.
This record is from the glorious, most holy pages called EI's Suhuf.

Two Gates Of The Enclosed Garden

Lo! For I will describe unto you the 2 gates of the enclosed garden made of carbuncle, which is a red precious stone Where 60,000,000 million Aluhum kept watch.; When a righteous person arrives, They will clothe him with 8 garments of glory, And they placed 2 crowns: One of gold, and another of precious stones upon his head, And 8 myrtle, which is any of the several evergreen shrubs or trees of the

genus Myrtus, especially M. communis, which is an aromatic shrub native to the Mediterranean region and western Asia.
It has pink or white flowers, and blue-black berries and it's widely cultivated as a hedge plant, which he held into his hands, and with these words he will hear: Go and eat your bread in joy. Lead him to the stream of Shafu'ane, Surrounded by all kinds of fragrant plants, From which rivers flows: One of oil; Another of balsam; Another of wine; Another of water; Another of honey; Another of milk.
Given a gold cup, served by the young female and male Aluhum. Over each of the righteous, A canopy is spread according to his ments. A table of precious stones, while
eternal lights were everywhere. There are 3 compartments:
Childhood, Adolescence, Old age; And going through the same stages, each one watches the same 3, And the righteous enjoy the pleasures of each. There are a myriad of trees, one more fragrant than the other, And in their midst, the tree of life overshadows the whole enclosed garden, while 7 clouds of glory overhang it. There are 7 special compartments, for the future 7 major prophets, namely
Adafa, Utnafishtim, Abram, IsaaclIshma'EI, Moses, Yashu'a, and Muhammad. Isaac and Ishma'EI for they were two of one, Abraham. Peace and blessings of Allah be upon them.
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Re: The Reptilian Nakhash
The Seven Compartments

There are 7 other compartments for the seven classes of righteousness. The first class is the Shahudaat"martyrs", Coming in green light they will have smiles on their faces. The second is for those who will die by the accident of drowning. The third will be for the great masters of law, the mortals, Not the newsbearers, El Nabuyaat "prophets" and not those you sent, EI Rasulaat.
But for those who will keep the law such as the 19th, the guide, EI Haduy. The fourth is for those who will be
covered by the clouds of glory, The last 144,000 thousand souls, for the Ansaarullah to be raised.

The fifth for the patient, The sixth will be for the childlike souls, who prove themselves chaste throughout life. The seventh for the poor who admit to the suffering attended to law, In correspondence to the seven hells I looked into the far future. I saw pits replete with fiery lines and rivers of fire, and each compartment will be inhabited by 10 to 7 nations of heathens, Governed over by one of the Sumuwnean, Deros who have as slaves a Nimrod, who will be the descendant of the second Cush, son of Ham son of Utnafishtim who is falsely called Noah,

Son of Lamech, son of Methuselah, son of Enoch, son of Jared, son of Mahaleel, son of Cainan, son of Enos,
Son of Seth, born in the image of his father Kadmon, born in the image of the Anunnagi,Son of Atum was born in the image of his father Rahu, who is a descendant of the Hindus who came to the planet Earth, from the planet Kingu. We find recorded in the Hindu text, the Vedas, that Mar-Ishi gave birth to Kash-Yafa. They are the throne Kash-Yafa and
his mate, Frit-Hiwi, had eleven sons. Kash-yafa became ruler of the Diwas, called Divas or Devas, so he became known as Dyaus-fitar. They are the 12 Adityasj all together they were called Waruna ruler of the Heavenly Sky. Later he was called Indra and those under his rule were called Indians. Indra had two brothers, which were the ones who came to the planet Earth. Manu and the other Agni who
stayed in the skies of Orion. The ruler Alalu of the thrones also ruled in the skies of Orion. ANU came before him and bowed at his feet, because he was the ruler of
Orion. By custom Alalu appointed ANU to be his royal cub-bearer, which is an honored and trusted position Alalu ruled the skies for 6,000 years or 9 Nibiruan periods. Then ANU rose up against Alalu and ANU defeated Alalu. ANU took
control over all the galactical heavens. And Alalu ran from ANU to the planet Earth, with his wife, Al Laat and 2 daughters, Al Uzza and Manat. ANU then ruled all the galaxies in

the skies, the period of his rule is called Kummiya by the Hittites, named after the city Kummiya. When ANU came to
the Planet Earth, he appointed Kumarbi, the grandson of Alalu, to be his royal cup-bearer. Kumarbi could not forget
that ANU had took the throne from his grandfather; and as time went on, Kumarbi's enmity towards ANU was becoming more and more obvious. Later ANU and Kumarbi brought
war on the seed of ANU, and Kumarbi's seed ruled the throne, until Teshub, also known as Adad, or Baal Hadad, "the storm deity", son of Enlil, had war with the seed of Kumarbi, and defeated Kumarbi, thus bringing the seed of ANU back to rulership. The seed of ANU came back to the heaven. His son Nunamnir was in charge of the skies, and his son Nudimmud took control of the planet Earth; Who would inherit the name Enqi meaning "master of Qi or Earth." They set up a cycle of rulers of 7 heads to rule 10 kingdoms on Earth. One ruler of the cities was called Ur-kish, Kumarbi's son Ulli-Kummi, Meaning "successor in Kummiya" he tried to start a war, as he was told to do by Kumarbi.
This attempt by Ulli-Kummi was defeated by Teshub, headed by Enlil; And his understudy Ea, who recorded the Tablets Of Old. This is the seed that took the daughters of the agreeable women of the seed of Ptah, and Anath. There was also the Hindus who came to this planet and mixed with the
Humans. Their temple was Bitanu, and their symbol is the bull or Tor. They being doomed to suffer with their heathen nations. There, Itell you how Isaw this, that you may further know to obey ANU Most Glorified And Exalted, ruler of all. This is how it was written in the Hindu records, and also in the Hittite records.
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Re: The Reptilian Nakhash
Enlil And Ninlil

LQLANU. A'LYUN A'LYUN EL Qf high. was also known as an Al Lah or EI Eloh. being ruler of the above and beneath at the same time. who is. "The," which is Hu, who is the force of creative will. He was appointed by the absolute ~ The All. which you can't take from The All. for where would you put
iIL You can't add to The All. for wherevwould you get it?MThe All is all andvall things are within The All.

El Kuluwm is the builder of builders,vCreator of those beings who createdvthe skies and the planets.vCreator Of ANU also, THE ALL thought and things were, Things were and motion became, Motion became and life was, Life was and is,
And shall ever be. And being there was positive, And for positive to be it bred negative, for without negative, you
would not know positive, Thus, without evil, you have no
good. Without good, you have no evil. All of these things are in the realms of being, and these beings are within
THe ALL, They are not THE ALL.

Yahuwa is the wind of life, the breath of life in the physical state. The thought to become! And all things became. Huwa's motion, was speech, and the cloud of glory was, And in it he thought into existence, beings called Aluhum Sarufaat, and the Aluhum Karubaat, the angelic beings. His son, Murduk's mystery names are Amunnubi Rooakhptah, Sabathil, Yaanuwn, or Atum-ra. He is also called Malkiy-Tsedeq, the Sun of Righteousness, The Deliverer of the Faithful, EI Ruwhul Quduws-The Holy Soul and Protector of El Mukhlisiyna. Miyka'EI, Holder of the Scroll of Names and the Key of the Kingdom of Malakuwt.
His wings are as green Emeralds, crowned at all times in Malakuwt with an innumerable array of Aluhum. Some also call him Bishtar, the Provider of the Anunnagi, the Viceroy
of the Skies and the Prince of the pure green Light, he is also called Atum-Ra. Belial Amir of the Anunnagi of
darkness, also called Shakhar or Tiamat, was defeated by Murduk, also known as Miyka'EI, which is the high priest
Zodoq of the Sarufaat, agreeable Anunnagi, and those who came to Eridu in fifties. The Anunnagi of the light of this
world. The family of the Anunnagi, Aluhum is in this order:
There is ANU or An, The Heavenly One, Enlil, whose wif e was Ninlil.
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Re: The Reptilian Nakhash

He, Miyka'El, will descend as a Humim, a mortal in all ways, a bashur, to save them from the destruction of
Ardut, By the hand of Haylal, son of Shakhar, brother of Shalem. He will be thought to be the messiah; yet he is the green light of the Messiah, its essence. And as he, Miyka'El comes down to Naasuwt, El Yahuwa will look from his throne in the kingdom of above, Laahuwt, And guide his course through the stars and on the blue planet, Ardut.
There he will be joined by Humim beings to guide them and enter their names in the scroll; For the great city of El Yahuwa, the house of El Yahuwa, which has many
manSiOns. In his house, all the Anunnagi call him El Yahuwa, and all the Humim call him El Eloh. As the caretaker of all the boundless worlds, he is called EI-Rabb, the Sustainer. The TAFUL of Miyka'El is: Yaa
Hum, Yaa Hum, Yaa Aluhum, Entum Atha Fi El Kuluwm "0 Them, Oh Them, Oh Eloheem, You All Are In The All." He said: I am, and he comprehended all things: The seen and the unseen,Is there ought in all the Universe

but what is part of him? ANU, A'LYUN A'LYUN EL, El Yahuwa,
The wind of all life. He said: I am the soul of all, And the all that is seen is of my being, and my existence.
By virtue of my presence all things are, And by virtue of my beings, Are the living brought into being, The first and the last, I am he who is, because it is wished to become.
And chief over all that lives on Ardut, Naasuwt I made, humim beings, Male living being, a living soul: I made Kadmon and Nekaybaw, and I called their tribe of the ground
Adamites. Of him, Kadmon, I made, Nekaybaw that she may know me, And the first Kadmon and Nekaybaw were called Apsu, later known in Ta-mara, the original name of Egypt, as Nun and Tiamat, later known in Kemet as Nunet. The second Kadmon and Nekaybaw from the second replenishing were
called Lahmu, later known in Kemet as Atum or Heh, and Lahamu, later known in Kemet as Amunet, Or Hehet, and the third were Anshar, later known in Kemet as Shu, or Kek.
And Kishar, later known in Kemet as Tefnut, or Keket, who gave birth to ANU, later known in Kemet as Amun or El Eloh.
After each of these replenishings a new generation of people were created. I ordered him to give me a name,

The 99+1 Names Of El

Human beings named me not after anything in Malakuwt nor
Naasuwt, But in obedience to my will, that he named he me after the very sound of the wind that I utter, And he said: "A" or "ah" breathing in, "Llah" breathing out,

And El Yahuwa in and out again:
El Rahmaan, The Yielder; El Rahim, The Merciful;
And I said: "Go on with who I am." El Malik, The King; El Qudduws, The Holy One; El Salaam, The Peace; El Muw'min, The Faithful; El Muhaymin, The Protector; El Aziz, The Mighty; El Jabaar, The Majestic; El Mutakabbir, The Repairer; El Khaaliq, The Creator; El Baari, The Maker; Al Musawwir, The Fashioner; El Ghaffaar, The Forgiver; El
Qahhaar, The Dominant; El Wahhaab, The Bestower; El Razzaaq, The Provider; El Fattaah, The Opener; El Alim,
The Knower; El Qaabid, The Restrainer; El Baasit, The Spreader; El Khaafid, The Abaser; El Raafi', The Exalter; El Mu'izz, The Honorer; El Mudhill, The Destroyer; El Sami' The Hearer; El Basir, The Seer; El Hakam, The Ruler;
96 El 'Adl, The Just; El Latif, The Subtle; El Khabir, The Aware; El Halim, The Clement; El Aziym, The Supreme; El Ghafuwr, The Forgiving; El Shakuwr,The Grateful; El 'Aliy, The Exalted; El Kabir, The Great; El Hafiyz, The Guardian; El Muqit, The Strengthener;

El Hasib, The Reckoner; El Jalil, The Beneficent; El Karim, The Generous; El Raqib, The Watcher; El Mujib, The Approved; El Waasi', The Comprehensive; El HOOym, The Wise; El Waduwd, The Loving; El Majid, The Glorious; El Ba'ith,
The Raiser; El Shahid, The Witness; El Haqq, The Truth; El Wool, The Advocate; El Qawiy, The Strong; El Matin, The Firm; El Waliy, The Nearest Friend; El Hamid, The All
Praiseworthy; El Muhsi, The Accountant; El Mubdiy, The Beginner; El Mu'id, The Restorer; El Muhy, The Giver Of Life; El Mumit, The Taker Of Life; El Hayy, The Ever Living; El Qayuwm, The Subsisting; El Waajid, The All Perceiving; El Maajid, The Illustrious; El Waahid, The One; El Samad, The Needless; El Qaadir, The Powerful; El Muqtadir, The Prevailing, El Muqaddim, The Forewarner; El
Muakhkhir, The Deferrer; El Awwal, The First; El Aakhir, The Last; El Zhaahir, The Evident; El Baatin, The Hidden; El Waali, The All Governing; El Muta'aali, The Inspirer; El Barr, The Righteous; El Tawwaab, The Accepter Of Repentance; El Muntaqim, The Avenger; El 'Afuwu, The Excuser; El Ra'uwf, The Kind; Maalik El Mulk

King Of Kingdoms; Dhuwl Jalaal Wal Ikraam, Master Of Majesty And Liberty; El Muqsit, The Equitable; El Jaami,
The Gatherer; E1 Ghaniy, The Independent; E1 Mughniy, The
Enricher; El Mu'ti, The Giver; EI Maarn, The Withholder; E1Daar, The Distresser; El Naafi', The Profiter; E1 Nuwr,
The Light; El Haadi, The Guide; El Badi', The Incomparable;
114 El Baaqi, The Enduring; El Waarith, The Inheritor; El Rashid, The Director; El Sabuwr, The Patient. These
are the names in the Islaamic school called Millat Ibrahiym, the Diyna ulllah.
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Re: The Reptilian Nakhash
"Doubtlessly, this beautiful bird must be Vam."

 Quoting: Usacuracao



Holy scrotes, Netzach! Get your stakes and crossbows and follow me! We've got a live one in the Netherlands!

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Re: The Reptilian Nakhash
A Tale Of A Human Being

La! There is a tale of a human being who said: "0 AND, Most Glorified And Exalted, Forgive me and Atum Ra, who is
Amun faithful to Ra, known in Sumeria as Murduk. So the Anunnagi asked permission of his Rabb, which is his Sustainer, Anu to visit this human being. The Anunnagi of the sun went to him and said: "I require that you convey me to your place, For I want to ask, Anubis, Enqi, the Anunnagi of Death, to tell me when my term is near." Anubis is the deity of the dead. When the role of Osiris changed from deity of

vegetation to the deity of the dead, he became superior to Anubis. Anubis, however, retained an important part in the funeral rights and he was considered to be the son of Osiris
and Nephthys. Anubis was the guardian of the door at the end by which the deceased entered. This was called Khersek-Shu; one leaf of the door was called Neb-Maat-Heri-Tep-Retui-f, and the other leaf Neb-Pehti-Thesu-Menme-net.
These names had to be learnt and uttered by the deceased before they were allowed to enter the hall of the Maati
deitess. It was Anubis who embalmed the body of Osiris, when he was murdered by his brother Set. Because of this, Anubis became the patron of all embalmers. Then he went to the Anunnagi of Death and told him that a Human Being had said in every prayer: 0 El Most Glorified and Exalted,
And Amon Ra, the Anunnagi of the Sun, forgive me. So he asked me, to ask you, to tell him when his term is near, so that he might prepare for it. The Anunnagi of Death looked in his scroll and said: "How far is your friend from great concern? He will not die until he sits on your place on the sun." He said: "He has sat in my place on it. II
The Anunnagi of Death said: "He died when we were told that, and they

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Re: The Reptilian Nakhash
yea, bro, we all read Sitchins books, if eugenics gets you all hot and wet thats good on you, but it makes for very boring lizard porn. you should get into more detail, you know like the sound of scales sliding across wet flesh, two foot forked tongues, double headed lizard dicks, razor sharp nails, ohh and the stamina that comes with a simple reptilian nervous system, fuck, you know what, you could totally get this published of you renamed it "Shades of Green"
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