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Message Subject Carolyn Hamlett (Illuminati survivor) - Beyond the Physical Realm
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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"Let me add that I have an ex-step son (marriage ain't what it used to be) that his mother and I put through one year of college. He met a young man around his age at that college who had been living more or less naturally (off the land) and alone in the mountains for some time. Turns out this guy was the son of one of the really high powered money people in this country and the world.

He related to my step son that he basically ran away from all those riches and eventually told him why. Said his father was grooming him to enter the business and take it over. He was invited to a business meeting that took place in the huge room of the UN building in New York where that long table sits that is often seen in pictures of the UN.

The guy swore of the following: His father seated him in the "peanut gallery" to watch the proceedings of the meeting. Those attending were some of the top world shakers and movers. David Rockefeller was seated at one end of the long table, the high movers, including the fellow's father, on each side and the chair at the other end was empty. When all were ready, these people who rule our daily lives through economics, etc., began a chant which resulted in the devil materializing in the empty chair. After which was held an actual business meeting."
- See more at: [link to www.henrymakow.com]
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