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Message Subject Carolyn Hamlett (Illuminati survivor) - Beyond the Physical Realm
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thanks for the thread, OP. Yes we as beingness in duality are totally conditioned to the idea of a seperate individual.

The real scriptures and all sages have said otherwise --- that 'there is ONE'. In the relative planes of duality there is the ignorance of separateness - that we are seperate waves on the ocean of reality....= ILLUSION/IGNORANCE !

Vedanta - the end of the vedas reveals the ultimate question of 'who am i?', REALLY. A mature being will investigate this premise if he/she loves truth.

The worlds of duality are warring worlds - control/power, they have been and they will be the way it is because of ignorance. It IS what it is! 'I AM THAT I AM!'

The separate ones are really NOT - yea, they think they wield control - but it is only illusory - nothing and noone can ever be separate from the NOTHING - or Source - 'the nameless'.

Be strong peoples, you are all already that - there is never any power outside of your own self! FACT.

May the blessings BE!
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