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*Liberal Thinking*.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 23296293
United States
09/13/2012 06:20 PM
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*Liberal Thinking*.
If our actions cause a business owner to lose money then cut jobs. We don't care. We'll put them on welfare

If you don't 100% support everything we believe, we will seek to destroy you

We will not truly be equal 'till YOU'RE all unemployed!

Communism Will Work This Time

Whatever it is, it's Bush's fault!

Apologize here Apologize NOW!

My baby was breastfed till he was nine!

Smart Car, we put the clown in the Clown Car

An unarmed country is easy to conquer

My irresponsibilities are your consequences

My other car is a tiny,uncomfortable,politically-correct deathtrap also, and that makes me a better person than you

When you don't want to make money, just take money.

Your success should be a sacrifice for me to barely live on.

working for a living is for losers

my child is a A student at KARL MARX MIDDLE SCHOOL

I don't understand true liberalism because I'm against everything it stands for

I support the bill of rights but don't think you should be allowed to exercise them

I Barake 4 Barack Until Baroke!"

work hard so that others don't have to

What is so funny about peace, love and understanding?

If it's broken, blame the guy behind you. Then go golfing

I can open my own door, just help me pay for the car.

When you use the Constitution against us, we'll dismiss the Founding Fathers as slaveowners

This car was made in America thanks to President Obama!

I have a black friend

I voted Obama because of white guilt.

Individual success is racist

I think I can "COEXIST" with people who want to kill me

Because a "Kill List" is better than Water Boarding

Why let a gun kill your child when we can let plannedparenthood do it for you!

Guns Don't Kill People, Sodas Over 16 Ounces Kill People

Save the trees, kill the economy.

thou shalt not kill murderers - only innocent babies

i aborted my honor roll student

Don't like my driving? Blame the previous owner of my car.

"If you don't like abortions, don't get one. If I don't like guns, we should ban them."

Tax the rich! I'm tired of having a job

"The war on drugs is a failure. Let's ban guns!

Work is for nerds, all the cool kids are on welfare!

If at first you don't succeed...OCCUPY!!

Liberalism - Ideas So Good You Have To Be Forced To Accept Them

My Student Sued Your Honor Student For Unequal Achievement

Freedom of speech as long as you agree with me

honk if you are 1/32nd Cherokee!

Pass with care...26 year old babies on board

Save a rat, abort a baby

What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine

Don't read too much into the unemployment numbers, vote Barack2012!!

Thank you Taxpayers for buying my car for me. Cash4Clunkers

Obama's self-evident truths: Life, liberty and the pursuit of your life's savings

I don't need logic, I have FEELINGS!!

We take your money and waste so you don't have to

Honk if you still own a car in this economy, Obama2012

YES I KNOW Conservatives are right but I am just too hard-headed to admit it!

"My other car is a safe big dependable SUV"

"do as I say not as i do

Careful...26 year old baby on board. obamacare!

How can I give you a hand up...when I've got my hand out

Annoy A DemocRAT. Think For Yourself

Abortion is not murder, cutting down trees is!!

my child is an A student at KARL MARX MIDDLE SCHOOL

Because You're Never Too Dead to Vote Grandma

Cars Cause Accidents So Hand Over The Keys

Come On In The HealthCare Is Free.

Dig Up That Coffin Because You're Never Too Dead To Vote

We ARE RIGHT, & We Don't Care What THE FACTS ARE!

"Honk if you lost a recall election in Wisconsin" WIUnion WIRecall

policies so good they have to be mandated.”

We will make you generous!”

"My Other Car is at the bottom of Chappaquiddick Inlet

my kid was victim of the month at Ted Kennedy school for illegal immigrants

We celebrate tolerance and diversity here, so if you so much as mention Jesus I'm gonna scream and sue

"Mitt Romney's foreign policy is to hide his money there."

We will not truly be equal 'till YOU'RE all unemployed! ..

I believe in everyone else doing their fair share...and I do mean everyone ELSE!

I've never run a damn thing in my life, except the Country into the ground. Obama Biden 2012

I'm a hypocrite, but its ok! I'm a liberal!


No Birth Certificate Needed!

Clouds don't gives us rain, something else does.Obama

I heart the government!


Socialism or BUST!

You Didn't EARN That! IT's MINE!

If it weren't for the DOUBLE-STANDARD, I wouldn't have any standards at all


ive never worked for a living..why should you

My baby was breastfed till he was nine!" After my late term abortion was botched.

Soon We'll Make It Where You'll HAVE 2 Depend On US!

I Break For Foodstamps


you never thanked me for starting your business


give socialism a chance

honk if a freedom loving conservative has ever threatened you for believing something different than them

why do republicans hate me for how I see the world?

this car only turns left

my opinion is the only one that matters

if you like socialism call 1800 DUMB ASS

my other car is a tricycle

if you own it i want it

Republicans work so we don't have to

No One Built This Car

Diversity is good...Unless we're talking about opinions.

What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine.

I got this car for FREE!

Proud EBT Card Holder!

I don't feel like paying for gas, can I have some of yours ?

Facts & statistics are so inconvenient

Reality is whatever I say it is

Decisions are hard let the government make them for you

I voted for the Kenyan

I can agree with you because I stand for nothing

Eating Chicken = BAD. Killing unborn kids = GOOD.

Education through misinformation; it's the way to go!

My other car is a tiny,uncomfortable,politically-correct deathtrap also, and that makes me a better person than you

save water. .dont bathe

my other car is a prius

why bother with GITMO when we have drones?

If at first you don't succeed, make it a tax

Choom and doom Obama/Biden 2012

Taxation. Regulation. Litigation

"I'm wrong? Well you're racist!"

"Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what your country can do for you!"

Hypocrisy: A liberal way of life!

B/C WE'VE Destroyed ALL Jobs, So U MUST Vote 4 Us 2 LIVE!

B/C Guns R 4 Mexican Drug Cartels ONLY, STUPID!

Save the whales, kill the babies.

Save The Whales! Abort The Babies!

Progressives: Fucking Americans in Their Collective Asses Since the 1890's

If you can read this, thank a conservative (he's making my car payments)


Octomom is my idol!

Why work, try welfare!

I bought this car with your money.

food stamps are job creators, credit to Pelosi for this one!

raising taxes will improve the economy!

Solyndra was a great taxpayer investment

Abortion is Good... Death Penalty is Immoral

Turning everything into a conspiracy is the conspiracy.

Vote Democrat! Because throwing lots of money at problems always solves them!

I don't understand true liberalism because I'm against everything it stands for


Obama 2012: Celebrate America's Decline

Let's try this again: Close your eyes, click your heels together 3 times, and repeat, "hope & change, hope & cha.."

Support your local gangs. Repeal the 2nd amendment.

Obama 2012: I kept none of my campaign promises and nothing has improved

Still Bush's Fault

if you oppose Obama you're a racist, but we can't elect Romney, he's a Morman

thou shalt not kill murderers - only innocent babies.

Sure Romney is successful, but can he choom?

Every Student At My Child's School Is An Honor Student So No One Will Feel Left Out

Work hard and after the first 7 months you can keep all the money you earn

Bush raiding medical marijuana dispenceries was terrible, but when Obama does it we should just look the other way

you can smoke weed for fun regularly, become president and attack cancer and AIDs patients for trying it as medicine.

Overseas Investments and Swiss bank accounts are okay unless you're Mitt Romney.

my hyphen has a hyphen so you owe me everything.

"Honk If You Are A Taker!"” //Geeze no wonder NYC is so noisy" It is!!

I was a victim before being a victim was cool

Life isn't fair, but we're working on fixing that

Death Panels R Us, Where a Senior can B a Senior (Until it costs 2 much)

We love the Constitution, except for the parts after the General Welfare clause

they're not taxes , only penalties

Tolerant of all views that are the same as mine

you didn't build it, that's okay niether did we, we just take credit for it

Insuring Dependence on Big Government 1 Bankrupt Small Business @ A Time

Successfully Raising Poverty Rates 1 Family @ A Time!

And You Think It's Bad For You NOW?? Wait, We Have More In Store!

You should just SHUT UP and do as you are told!!

Don't think of them as HIGHER TAXES, Think of them as Charitable Government Contributions!

We KNOW how YOU should spend YOUR money, YOU DON'T!

Who needs a job when there's welfare?

Freedom is overrated.

Afraid of global warming but scared to death this island will tip over.

WORK, like abortion, SHOULD BE A CHOICE!!

"I Support Gay Rights Unless You Are A GOP Queer!"

kill the fetus, take away guns

"One Of The 50% Who Pay No Taxes!"

Ok he's 26 now, time for my occupy kid to occupy your basement!

The successful better do some more of the stuff they didn't do so I can do nothing

War is OK, unless there is a Republican in the White House

Deficits are only real under Bush

Save the trees, kill the economy.”

Always blame the Tea Party for our mistakes

conservatives stop driving trucks so we can ride in private planes

"I Survived the Obama Depression"

Do what the government tells you, citizen

“We believe in listening to other ideas, unless they are different from ours

Gore invented the interstate

Or maybe: 2+2=1 Government keeps the rest because you really didn't earn it!

You need to work harder. I'm trying to improve my economic status.

My entitlements are rights and you have NO RIGHT not to pay for them!

The rich should pay for my Hybrid"

My entitlements are rights and you have no right to not pay for them!

Gimme my fair share...the money formerly known as yours

Spread the wealth!! (Unless it's mine)

I may be wrong, but I care more than you

Hugged Your Entitlement Today?

Honk if U Just Traded Your Food Stamps For Your 42 " HDTV Too!

"Praise the Government!"

"Backwards to Communism"

My Other Car is Charging

"Honk if You Love Satan"

"Tolerant to All Views Except Christian"

We hate violence, but we love riots!

Get Out of My Dreams, Get into Mein Kampf

I'm not driving slow, I'm Occupying The Road

"Why Isn't Everything Free?"

I Volunteered Time at the Termite Reserve

The dog ate my homework. So I ate the dog."

Government healthcare works great. Got my Lobotomy last week

Liberalism - Ideas So Good You Have To Be Forced To Accept Them

Reading the bill is not Fundamental

Think of people ONLY in terms of race, ethnicity & gender, not as individuals

Passing laws that we can't, won't & don't have to follow. Cause we know what is better for you.

Everyone else divide up your money and share equally. Mine? I keep mine

Our policies may not work but at least they make us feel better

I got mine-who cares what happens after me

I love my sailor, but the Navy can go to hell!

Proud 21st Century Robin Hood: Robbing for the Rich and Giving to the Lazy

Can't we all just get along and conservatives go to hell at the same time?!?

"My Food Stamps Stimulate the Economy. Now If Only the Evil 1% Would Do Their Part."

There IS such thing as a free lunch! Vote Democrat!!”

This IS my other car. My Volt caught fire

Work Harder! Someone's Got to Pay For Entitlements!

Why Work? We'll just give you Other Peoples Money

Don't Stereotype. Unless Somebody is a Christan or Conservative!

The Constitution is only a guidline

Only Rich People are Greedy!

Planned Parenthood: We Love Using Tax Dollars to Kill the Unborn Children of Minorities

Don't Judge me, but I Can Judge You

Vote Democrat or your a racist

Who cares if I lie. I am a Democrat

Abolish the Death Penalty/ Pro-Choice

All your children's futures and money belong to us

I may not always be correct, but I'm never wrong!

I support killing babies but not cop killers

We know what's better for you than you do

Proud Parent of a Child That Earned His GED In Jail After Being Expelled For Sexting

If I Keep Voting For These Guys They Say I Might Be Middle Class One Day

America: Love It or Fundamentally Transform It

Peak water is a logically possible, serious problem requiring massive EPA intervention

martial law isn't all that bad

Honk if you're unemployed

Planned Parenthood: You Deserve to Die If You're The Unborn Child of a Minority

Let's All Pretend That Our Subsidized Educations Didn't Happen Because of Some Rich White Guys!

'im open minded cuz I give equal consideration to both sides of the same side.

Show The Racists Who's Boss! Vote For The Black Guy!

I'm a tolerant free thinker unless you disagree with my point of view, then you're a tea bagging POS

"You didn't build that"

The problem with liberal jokes is they get elected

"This Car Made it Over The Bridge In Chappaquidick"

"All 57 States For Obama"

"Obama For a 3rd Term"

"America Was Founded On Food Stamps"

Attention carjackers: I'm unarmed

You're Racist!

Marxism will work this time--promise!

Thoughtcrime is Illegal

The SEIU #ACA Gov Goon Doctor Cut Out the Wrong Kidney

"America Was Founded On Food

"I 'heart' Cuba"

"Don't Look Further, Bush Did it"

"Global Warming is Real, I Was Told"

End racism... But hire based on race

"because pol pot is a good thing right?"

We don't want to take away all you've built; we just think it's better to confiscate most of it to give to our base.

All your built things are belong to us

kill all unborn babies in the name of womens lib

If you build it, we will tax and regulate it out of business

public school taught me everything I ever needed to know

I aborted a serial killer.

I love my EBT card

I don't care about the economy, stupid!

Had a tough day? Try changing your gender

We will tax you into prosperity

A century of failure proves nothing!

"Vote Early, Vote Often! No ID required!"

Of course we should have control look at what a great job we did in Detroit.

"If Romney's President, I'm Moving To Cuba

"9/11 Was Our Fault"

Let's borrow money and send it to Africa!

"I'm a Proud Liberal. I was Ordered."

Skip school, smoke dope, hang with terrorists & you too can become President

I only like the death penalty for the unborn

what comes after "trillion"?

my emotions trump any logic my feeble mind can process

Save the trees. Kill the children!

"Let's screw up the economy to save the environment! "

"Why Vote For a White Guy When You Can Have it Both Ways?"

that foodstamp card....you didn't build that. Someone else made that happen.

Someone else bought me this bumper sticker!!

"What Would Jesus Do? He'll Vote For Obama"

I yell racist so I don't have to debate.

"God is a Liberal"

Honk if you love blaming conservatives for global warming!

"Save The Vegetables From Human Cruelty"

"A Vote For Romney is a Vote for Bush

"Obama/Matthews 2012"

"I'm a Liberal, Therefore Government Think For me""

Why should I be free when I can be a ward of the state

Everything Tastes Better With Government Cheese

Accountability - The Art Of Blaming Someone Else

Government knows best

Pray to Darwin

I Got Fucked By Over 300 Guys And You Should Pay For My Birth Control. Women'sRights

D Dumfucks
E Endorsing
M Marxism
O Over
C Capitalism
R Representing
A Anti-American
T Traitorous
S Strategies

User ID: 21948600
United States
09/13/2012 06:21 PM
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Re: *Liberal Thinking*.
Your title is an oxymoron

User ID: 23078074
United States
09/13/2012 06:22 PM
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Re: *Liberal Thinking*.
Liberal thinking= contradiction of terms......like Military Intelligence.