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Message Subject YES! We Are Sick OF The False Flag And It Won't Help Romney Win The Election.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
How long until Muslim realize they're pawns just like Romney? The mainstream Christians, Muslims, etc, they're all being pawned off while the Kings and Queens (HARLOTS!) run our world into the beast's pelvis. Won't be long until his eruption of filth spreads to the world! WE WILL ALL SUBMIT!!!

Christians can claim their church, etc. is #1, but when your church is a house for pop music and pedophiles, you know it is time to run for the hills. Same goes for Muslims who are being delusioned into believing they're going to own the world. They're going to have no glory when they're in the melting pot with the Christians and everyone else. They don't care about our religions, they don't want any religion. They just want us on our knees, licking their feet and praising their $$$$.
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