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"The Feud That Dictated The Destiny Of The World"

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09/14/2012 10:12 AM
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"The Feud That Dictated The Destiny Of The World"
This essay really hits the nail on the head like very few discussions of this type.
It explains why the world is in such a difficult predicament.
It also seems to offer a way out ... but with BIG ifs.
It's a long read, but well worth it.

[link to cosmicconvergence.org]

The Feud That Dictated The Destiny Of The World
Because of the succession of power that never took place

"The 20th century saw its own version of the “Clash of the Titans”, and neither World War I or II comes close to the generational feud which has literally dictated the destiny of the world. Something extremely significant did not occur during the last century which has had the most profound and far-reaching repercussions throughout our planetary civilization. Two back-to-back generations took their places in the world at the most critical juncture between the ages. Each of them occupied a pivotal position during the turning of the ages, as both were preordained to fulfill the greatest of destinies. However, their inability to communicate with each other and understand what each had to offer the world have produced consequences so ubiquitous and detrimental that the very existence of the civilization is now at risk.

Throughout history the ritual succession of power and leadership always took place in order to ensure a future free of conflict, chaos and confusion. Just because we no longer exist under monarchic rule does not obviate the necessity of such orderly transitions of power. In the modern age, these transitions have simply taken on a different form and are much less visible. The very nature of secular society demands a far less ostentatious transfer of leadership, as less attention is usually preferable to more for reasons that are self-evident, especially given the current power structure rooted in utter secrecy.

The orderly transfer of power from one generation to the next was denied to those “who would be king”* (and queen) because of the deep distrust and disdain held by “The Greatest Generation” for their younger Beatnik peers and their Baby Boomer children. To those of us who were on the children side of this relationship, we all remember the proverbial Generation Gap which existed between us and our parents. The truth be told, it could be more accurately described as a generation canyon in many cases, a generation chasm in others, and even a generation abyss or void in more extreme instances."

Continue reading at: [link to cosmicconvergence.org]